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Introducing the DTN/The Progressive Farmer Ag Weather Tools app for Android.
The agriculture industry’s first weather app delivers exclusive GPS-based roaming alerts, top-rated forecasts, touch screen interactive weather displays and unique ag commentary. This app helps producers improve operational planning with highly-local, farm-level forecasts, and gives them advance notice to weather risks via customized alerts.
• Patented roaming alerts — create custom alert thresholds for forecasted and observed weather conditions, precipitation amounts, dangerous storm attributes, and more. Our app automatically updates your preferences with our exclusive, location-sensitive roaming alert technology. This ensures that you will be the first to know when weather will impact your current location.
• DTN WindMonitor® — receive advanced notice on your Android phone to let you know when winds will be too strong for spraying.
• PrecipTimer® — know in advance when precipitation will start, how strong it will be, and what time it will end at your farm.
• Interactive weather maps — access comprehensive layered satellite maps, animated radar, future radar, storm corridors, temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction, and precipitation amounts.
• Site-specific weather forecasts — get 36 hours of detailed hourly forecasts and 15 days of long-range forecasts — continually updated for the most current information.
• Observed conditions — site-specific data for the temperature, humidity and wind that has impacted your farm.
• Monitor multiple locations — receive alerts for where you are working as well as other locations of concern
• Agriculture weather news & analysis — stay up to date with detailed weather-focused content from DTN/The Progressive Farmer’s meteorologists and journalists - including a daily market weather outlook video.
The DTN/The Progressive Farmer Ag Weather Tools app for Android is the most powerful weather app available for producers. Designed to help producers monitor weather for their farms, it can save them thousands of dollars by managing schedules more effectively.
在介绍DTN /进步的农民农业气象工具应用程序为Android。
•专利漫游警报 - 用于创建和预报观测的天气条件,降水量,暴雨危险属性和更多的自定义警报阈值。我们的应用程序会自动与我们的排他性,位置敏感漫游警报技术更新您的喜好。这可以确保你将是第一个知道什么时候天气会影响您的当前位置。
•DTNWindMonitor® - 收到你的Andr​​oid手机提前通知,让你知道当风将强过喷涂。
•PrecipTimer® - 提前知道,当降水开始,有多强这将是,什么时候会结束在您的农场。
•互动天气地图 - 综合接入分层卫星地图,动画雷达,雷达的未来,风暴走廊,温度,露点,湿度,风向和降水量。
•站点特定的天气预报 - 得到36小时每小时详细预报和长期预报15天 - 不断更新的最新信息。
•观测条件 - 站点特定数据的温度,湿度和风力已影响您的农场。
•监视多个位置 - 收到警报的你在哪里工作,以及其他令人关注的地方
•农业气象新闻和分析 - 保持最新与DTN /进步的农民的气象学家和新闻记者详细的天气为重点内容 - 包括每日市场天气展望视频。
该DTN /进步的农民农业气象工具应用程序为Android是最强大的天气应用程序可用于生产。旨在帮助生产商监控的天气对他们的农场,它可以通过更有效地管理日程安排将它们保存数千美元。

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