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Current Entrepreneur iTunes Description revised for Android: All 2011 issues are FREE. Click on "Issues" and download each one. Make sure to download before you try to read offline. Once you've seen the great content you'll want to subscribe. A subscription gives you every new issue of the award-winning magazine – but with interactive features designed for the Android such as exclusive content, video, slideshows and up-to-the-minute news feeds. You’ll also be able to archive, bookmark and search the content. But the best feature by far is an endless stream of inspiration—no matter where you are or where you go. With a subscription you receive your issue the same day it hits the app store so you can instantly tap into answers, advice and insights, ensuring you never miss a beat when it comes to information that impacts your business. Exclusive Content Features More Of It – Relish content that you can only get on the app version. Gorgeous Visuals – Experience visual bliss with exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and slideshows. Interact & Connect – Email, Share, or Follow to your heart’s content. Connect with editors and columnists, check-out the listed resources, or visit different websites by tapping the embedded live links. Cool App Features Article View – Every article can be read in a customizable text-optimized mode. Archive – Keep all of your past issues in one easy-to-access place. Bookmark – Save and manage your favorite articles and resources, for easy reference. Search – Search the entire issue front-to-back. Automatic Background Download – Connect to a wifi network, then each issue will be ready for online or offline reading when you pick up your Android device. 1 year digital subscription for $9.99 or a 1 year Print plus digital subscription for $11.99. Subscriptions will start from the most current issue going forward for one year from the date of purchase. Send us your comments and feedback. We’re listening.Email: feedback@entrepreneur.comTwitter: @EntMagazineFacebook: Entmagazine____________________ About Texterity This application is powered by Texterity, a leader in digital publishing technology, provider of hundreds of online digital publications, and coverleaf.com. Check the App Store for more apps from your favorite magazines!

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