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Managing Automation (MA) is written for line-of-business and information technology managers in all types of manufacturing companies.

MA focuses on critical information technology and automation products necessary to run all functions of the manufacturing enterprise. These technologies include: enterprise applications such as ERP, supply chain, CRM, product lifecycle management, manufacturing execution systems, human capital management systems, quality management systems, business process management systems, business and manufacturing intelligence systems as well as automation platforms and wireless networking systems.

MA is published six times a year. Stay on the forefront of the technology issues and innovations in manufacturing. Download MA now.

Upcoming MA topics are:

March 2011: Supply network management

April: Computer servers

May: Manufacturing intelligence

June: Business process management

July: Business intelligence

August: Automation platforms

September: Wireless systems

• March/April: Computer Servers
• May : PM100 Yearbook
• May/June: Business Process Management
• July/August: Automation platforms
• September/October: Storage/Virtualization


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