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The Traders Magazine APP is the “must have” resource for the Institutional Trading Community. Since 1967, Traders has been the leading source of unparalleled coverage of the entire trading process, including equities and options, major trends, financial industry news, executive profiles and the technological developments that keeps Wall Street running. Traders not only focuses on electronic trading tools— like algorithms and program trading—but also on the trading venues such as crossing networks and exchanges, and the latest news and analysis on trading, technology and regulation.
The NEW Traders Magazine APP features:
- Daily news and analysis to keep you up-to-date on critical information
- Current and past issues of Traders Magazine
- Streaming video
- Photo Galleries
- Searchable archive
- The ability to clip and save stories
- The ability to easily e-mail content to colleagues
- The ability to share content through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
Traders Magazine’s uncompromising editorial quality has made it the publication of choice for the institutional trading community. As the established leader in our market, we continuously evolve our design and editorial initiatives to provide our audience with the most current industry news available. Here’s a glimpse of what this top-notch coverage includes:
• Inside Trading: News and analysis of the developments that affect trading, focusing on areas such as the market centers, technologies, strategies, firms and the people that make it happen
• On The Move: Promotions and job moves of key industry personnel
• Rules and Regs: The regulations and congressional actions that affect trading
• Tech Notes: Short, to-the-point stories of technology product updates, as well as new products
• Exchanges: Parsing the rules, the routing and the pricing that drive where and how securities trade
• Viewpoints: Industry professionals offer their insights on regulatory, trading and technology issues
• Vendor Solutions: The innovations in technology that are shaping the industry today
• Options: What drives the ever-changing options trading business in technology and at the exchanges
• Clearing: Insights that delve below the surface in clearing
• Buyside Snapshot: Profiles of buyside firms and traders, as well as the issues they face
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商贸杂志APP是“必须有”机构交易社区资源。 1967年以来,交易员一直是无与伦比的覆盖整个交易流程,包括股票和期权,主要发展趋势,金融业的消息,执行概况及技术的发展,让华尔街的运行的主要来源。交易商不仅着重于电子交易系统交易的交易场所,如交叉网络与交流,贸易,技术和监管上的最新消息和分析工具类似的算法和程序。
- 每日新闻和分析,以保持你的最新关键信息
- 国贸杂志的现在和过去的问题
- 流媒体视频
- 照片画廊
- 检索存档
- 故事剪辑并保存的能力
- 轻松的e-mail内容的能力给同事
- 通过Facebook,LinkedIn和Twitter的分享内容的能力

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