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For more than 25-years eWEEK magazine has been the trusted source for the latest news on business-ready IT hardware and software products, expert labs analysis, and guidance for evaluating, acquiring, installing, configuring, and maintaining technology products and services.

eWEEK magazine is published 21x per year. The print version is only available to a limited number of qualified recipients in the USA and Canada. Now, with each new issue of eWEEK Digital, we are bringing this same wealth of information to you specifically designed for your tablet or mobile device, no matter where in the world you are.

Our reporters, labs analysts, and editors analyze and address the issues that challenge IT decision-makers. The result? Unbiased and timely information that will help you evaluate, purchase, implement and maintain the hardware, software and services that support your organization and drive that competitive advantage. Businesses, large and small, are always looking to create efficiencies, boost productivity and keep their company competitive.

There’s no room for error in the ever changing world of business-to-business technology, which makes eWEEK Digital a more valuable resource than ever.

Connecting you to the news & solutions that make the most sense ‘right now’ in the following magazine categories:
• Tech@Work
• News & Analysis
• Business Apps
• Tech Analysis
• Cloud Computing
• Mobility
• eWEEK Labs
• Spencer F. Katt
• Real time updates from eWEEK.com

eWEEK Digital, specifically designed for your tablet or mobile device, features;
• Purpose built user experience so you can make the most of eWEEK on your tablet or mobile device.
• Instant access upon free registration to our latest issue and archived issues.
• Notifications sent to your tablet or mobile device when each new issue is ready.
• Easy to navigate magazine articles and news on the most relevant topics.
• Expert insights from our award-winning editorial staff only available in eWEEK magazine.
• A replica of the award-winning print edition, but with added video, slideshows, bonus editorial, direct links to the editors and product information. Plus free registration opportunities to upcoming eSeminars and immediate access to white papers available from Ziff Davis Enterprise.
• Automatic qualification to receive eWEEK editorial newsletters.
• Leverage eWEEK Digital anywhere you are (view and read online or download on your tablet or mobile device for anytime offline reading).
• Search archived issues online and store full issues on your tablet or mobile device
• Send articles and pass along full issues to your colleagues.
• Share articles and full issues with groups, in blogs, and on your social networking sites.

About Texterity

This application is powered by Texterity, a leader in digital publishing technology, provider of hundreds of online digital publications. Check the Android Marketplace for more apps from your favorite magazines!

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