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This nifty addition to your smart phone is the easiest way to ask for help and the fastest way to get the AA man and his van on the way to you. Because our app can identify your exact location, we’ll find you quicker. You can also follow the our arrival time and see us approaching on the map.
Fuel and parking*
Whenever you’re running low on fuel, our app will help you find the cheapest place to top up. It compares and shows the prices of five different fuel stations nearby on the map, so you’ll never be out of pocket.
And if you need a parking space, we know just the spot. All you have to do is set the filters for the type of parking you want – our app will show you prices and times for a variety of places nearby. Once you’ve found a space for your car, we’ll even help you remember exactly where you left it and you can set a reminder so you’ll always beat the parking warden.
Member Benefits*
Your membership card and the benefits that come with it will also be stored within the app. That means you’ll have access to plenty of discounts on the road such as up to 20% of food and drink and Moto service stations and 20% off at a wide range of restaurants.
Routes and traffic
We’re thrilled to be able to offer the our trusty Route Planner as part of our app. If you want to, you can choose to avoid tolls, congestion charge zones and motorways and with our Traffic Watch giving you live information about delays and incidents along the way – you’re bound to have a smooth journey.
Car care
As well as being able to tell you what your cars warning lights mean and what you should do, we’ll help you to never forget the important dates in your car’s diary again. Once you’ve stored your car registration number in our app, it will automatically populate those dates and send you reminders of when your MOT, service and tax are due. But, remember to keep push notifications on!
*AA Members need to log in with their Membership number to unlock these features.
如果你需要一个停车位,我们知道刚才的地方。我们的应用程序会告诉你价格和时间不同的地方附近 - 所有你需要做的就是你想要停车的类型设置的过滤器。一旦你找到你的车的空间,我们甚至会帮助你记住正是你离开它,你可以设置一个提醒,所以你总是打的停车场看守。
我们很高兴能够提供可信赖的路线规划作为我们的应用程序的一部分。如果你愿意,你可以选择避开收费站,收取交通拥堵费的区域和高速公路,并与我们的流量表给你生活有关沿途延误和事故征候的信息 - 你一定要平稳的旅程。
* AA成员需要登录他们的会员编号解锁这些功能。

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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