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Text Tone Trial is the free TRIAL version of Text Tone. It has all the same bells and whistles but not at full functionality.
Text Tone allows you to set up contact specific text message notifications. Not only will you know the difference between an email and a text message, you can know who the message is from just by the sound, vibration or light alone! This feature does not exist natively, they simply allow you to choose 1 notification sound for all notifications and all contacts (emails, text messages etc).
This App gives you the ability to:
-Distinguish text messages from emails and other phone notifications.
-Personalize and Organize your text message notifications in ways you haven’t seen before!
-Set contact specific text tone sounds and notification bar icons.
-Choose to be notified by ringtones or alarm tones instead of a notification sounds.
-Choose silent ways to be notified (LED Lights or Vibrations) and still know who the messages are from and how many messages they have sent.
-Apply advanced contact specific rules to:
*Play the notification sound repeatedly until the message has been acknowledged.
*Play the notification sound even if your phone is currently set to silent or vibrate.
-Trigger the rule by a key phrase in the text message itself.
-Contact the developer from within the app to provide feedback, ask questions, report bugs, and vote on future enhancements.
Please note:
Until a proper and reliable solution is developed the custom tones and other customizations of this app do not apply to MMS (multi media/picture messages). Instead your systems default texting notification service will be used to deliver these text messages.
If you have other SMS apps that handle received messages they may not function properly while running this app. Likewise there may be some text messaging apps out there that will prevent this app from functioning properly.
Consider downloading apps like Zedge that can help you acquire free texttones and ringtones to really personalize and customize your texting experience.
Explanation for permissions needed:
Reading settings and contacts - Fairly obvious, but to be clear the app is only looking at settings regarding your ringer mode state, and your system notification sounds and vibration settings. The only use of the contact information is to assign a rule for that contact.
Reading and sending text messages - The app needs to be able to detect when new messages are available and be notified when you have read a message so that the notification can be cleared from the notification bar. The only time the app will ever send a text message is if you choose to contact the developer, and of course it is by your permission, and it will warn you it is about to do this.
- 设置接触特定的文本提示音,并通知栏图标。
- 选择被通知通过铃声或闹钟铃声,而不是一个通知声音。
得到通知 - 选择沉默方式(LED灯或振动),仍然知道消息是从他们已经发送了多少短信是谁。
从应用程序内 - 联系开发者提供反馈意见,提出问题,bug报告,并投票决定未来增强。
阅读设置和联系人 - 相当明显,但要明确的应用程序只在看关于你的铃声模式状态设置,系统通知声音和振动设置。唯一使用的联系人信息是指定用于该联系人的规则。
阅读和发送短信 - 应用程序需要能够检测到新邮件时可用,并且被通知当你读了消息,以便通知可以从通知栏被清除。该应用程序将不断发送短信的唯一的一次是,如果你选择联系开发商,当然它是由您的许可,它会提醒你这是要做到这一点。

Text Tone Trial 更新内容

Fixed a bug for Sprint users.
Apparently Sprint uses SMS to control and pass data to their visual voicemail application. I don't know why, it seems like they would have better more secure means to do this. For some users on sprint my app may have inadvertently blocked those text messages from updating your visual voicemail and sending notifications regarding new voicemails. This should now be resolved, however please contact me immediately if you find otherwise.

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Android 2.2.x 以上 , 2.3.4 以下
Google Play

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