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SBS Radio SBS Radio SBS Radio SBS Radio SBS Radio SBS Radio

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The SBS Radio App brings you Australian and international news and information in 76 languages, 24/7 streaming music channels, and live streaming special events.
Features of the app include:
- Listen to live radio streaming of SBS Radio’s digital radio stations SBS Radio 1, SBS Radio 2, SBS Radio 3 and SBS Radio 4.
- Access SBS digital radio music stations SBS PopAsia, PopDesi and SBS Chill.
- Plus, listen live to our NEW digital radio station SBS Arabic24 - 24hr news and information in Arabic.
- Missed your favorite radio language program? Listen to 7-day catch-up on demand when and where you want
- Listen to podcasts of show highlights, interviews, news and lifestyle topics
- Schedule information
- Radio live program reminder alerts
- One click button to email, text message or call the programs live on-air!
- High quality digital audio
- News poll on Australian and international news topics
If you’re a fan of the app don’t forget to check out our online languages services. Visit sbs.com.au/radio for schedule and program information.
A note about data usage:
Streaming or Downloading Podcasts, and streaming On Demand audio uses additional data and you are responsible for this consumption and associated data charges. Tip: Downloading a Podcast is currently restricted to WiFi connections to reduce cellular data usage (or offline listening). On Demand audio does not have this restriction but it is recommended you check your data plan before listening to On Demand audio, as the audio files can be very large.
  - 听住SBS电台的数字电台广播SBS 1,SBS广播电台2,SBS广播电台3和SBS广播电台4的广播流。
- 访问SBS数字广播音乐电台SBS PopAsia,PopDesi和SBS寒意。
- 此外,听听现场给我们新的数字电台SBS Arabic24 - 24小时阿拉伯语新闻和信息。
- 错过了你最喜爱的广播语言程序?听取需求,当你想去的地方7天的追赶
- 听节目的亮点,访谈,新闻和生活方式主题的播客
- 安排信息
- 广播电台直播节目提醒警示
- 一按按钮,电子邮件,短信或致电节目直播播出!
- 高品质的数字音频
- 对澳大利亚和国际新闻主题新闻调查

SBS Radio 更新内容

We've improved the design and navigation so the app is easier to use:
- Switching stations is now easier with the new CHANGE STATION menu
- Re-arranged the buttons so important ones are easier to find
- The CAR MODE button is now the PLAYER BAR at the bottom. Tap it to open Car Mode.
- Various fixes and performance improvements

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Android 4.1 以上
Google Play

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