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Three County Volkswagen, a premier VW dealership in Northern New Jersey has been in business for over 45 years. Servicing and selling VW’s and used cars in Essex, Bergen Hudson and Passaic counties since 1965. We have always been family owned, and are on our second generation of the Volkswagen dealership. Robert Senior was the original owner, and Scott Senior is now running the business.
Now, we are proud to bring you our very own DealerApp! Some of the things our app can do for you are:
- Full Vehicle Inventory integration. Browse or search our entire inventory without ever seeing a slow mobile website. Save the ones you like as favorites.
- Check out the "Postboard" for new messages, coupons and specials straight from us to your device! You can even reply to these messages directly
- Keep track of all your own personal vehicles in "My Garage". Add a photo of your vehicle and track things like: VIN, Year, Make, Model, License Plate, Oil Type, Tire Size, Date Purchased, Price Paid, Initial Mileage, Insurance Co., Policy No., and add all the extra notes you want.
- Service History is also available for each vehicle in "My Garage", see pending service appointments, add them to your calendar, and mark them as completed when finished!
- The "Toolkit" contains super useful tools for you to use every day:
Call Roadside Assistance
One-touch Service Scheduling
Find local gas prices
Parking Assistant with GPS locator and meter timer Flashlight
- Don't forget that all the features of the first version are still there...call and email each department, get directions, view operating hours, get quotes on vehicles, order parts, etc etc...
Powered by DealerApp
- 整车库存的整合。浏览或搜索我们的整个库存而没有看到一个缓慢的移动网站。保存你喜欢收藏的人。
- 退房“Postboard”新邮件,优惠券和特价直接从我们到您的设备!你甚至可以直接回复这些邮件
- 保持在“我的车库”跟踪你的所有个人车辆。添加您车辆的照片和跟踪的东西,如:VIN,年份,品牌,型号,车牌,油类型,轮胎规格,购买日期,付出的代价,初始里程,保险有限公司,策略号,并添加所有的额外指出你想要的。
- 服务历史也可为每辆车在“我的车库”,看到挂起的预约服务,将它们添加到您的日历,并将其标记完成后已完成!
- “工具包”中包含超级有用的工具,你每天使用:
- 不要忘记,第一个版本的所有功能仍然存在...打电话和电子邮件各部门,获取路线,查看运行小时,获得车辆,订购部件,等等等等...报价

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- Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

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