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Wingman Card Accomplice Wingman Card Accomplice

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Wingman Card Magic uses the oldest trick in the book to allow the magician, you, to produce a card of your choice at any time - an accomplice. Wingman Card Magic and Wingman Card Accomplice are a pair of apps that you deploy on 2 Android devices that have been paired over Bluetooth. The illusionist asks the audience to call out, draw, sign, or otherwise indicate a card, and the accomplice simply chooses it surreptitiously in the accomplice app.
NOTE: THIS IS THE ACCOMPLICE APP. The main Wingman Card Magic 2.0 app is required to perform the illusion with the help of this app.
NEW FEATURES! Card flips are now animated! New cards added - black and red Jokers, and a special U MAD card to really confuse your audience.
Wingman got its name from the common practice of bringing a buddy to the table when trying to make new romantic connections to help make a great first impression. It is the buddy's job to make the performer look good. Wingman was actually tested in exactly those harsh environments and produced great results - interested strangers who wanted to spend more time with us!
Important features:
- You must pair and connect the 2 devices in advance. Pairing lasts forever, but connection must be done every time the trick is launched.
- The pairing can be done in either direction. The best way is to choose "Make discoverable" from the option menu on one device, then on the other device choose "Connect a device". Scan for the other device and select it, follow and instructions on-screen and the devices will be paired.
- When ready to perform or rehearse the trick, from either device choose "Connect a device". The paired device will already be in the list. Select it, and the devices will be connected.
- Wingman Card Magic indicates that it is connected by adding a "!" after its name.
- Wingman Card Accomplice indicates that it is connected by updating its status bar with the connected device name.
Wingman Card Magic is a clean, simple magic app that works equally well for professional and aspiring illusionists as it does for amateurs looking for a great conversation-starter. Please send feedback on handling, mechanisms, feature requests, tweaks, etc. to tiger.monster.industries@gmail.com. We are very interested in your thoughts and are excited to bring real magic to the mobile device world. If anyone is interested in providing language translations of Wingman Card Magic, please drop us a note.
僚机卡魔术使用的最古老的伎俩在书中让魔术师,你随时出示您所选择的卡 - 帮凶。僚机卡魔术和僚机卡共犯是一对部署在已配对的蓝牙2 Android设备的应用程序。幻术要求观众喊一声,画,签名,或以其他方式显示卡,和同伙只需选择它悄悄地在同伙的应用程序。
新功能!卡片翻转现在动画!新卡增加 - 黑色和红色的王牌,并设有专门üMAD卡真正混淆你的听众。
僚机在试图使新浪漫主义的连接,以帮助一个好的第一印象,当把一个好友表中的常见做法得名。这是好友的工作就是表演好看。僚机实际上是完全相同的恶劣环境测试,并产生了很大的成效 - 谁希望花更多的时间与我们感兴趣的陌生人!
  - 你必须配对并连接提前2的设备。配对永恒的,但是连接必须在每次的诀窍是推出的时间内完成。
  - 配对可以在任一方向进行。最好的办法是选择“设为发现”从选项菜单中一台设备上,然后在其他设备上选择“连接的设备”。扫描其他的设备,然后选择它,遵循和屏幕上的说明和设备将配对。
  - 当准备执行或排练的伎俩,无论从设备选择“连接的设备”。配对的设备将已经在列表中。选择它,这些设备将被连接。
  - 僚机卡魔术表示它是通过将连接的“!”后它的名字。
  - 僚机卡共犯表明它是通过更新其状态栏与连接的设备名称连接。

Wingman Card Accomplice 更新内容

2.0 Fantastic new features!
- Screen stays awake as long as the card is showing
- Red and black Joker cards added
- U MAD card added as a closer :)
1.0 First public release!
0.9 Android market testing, beta feedback integration
0.8 Final graphics polish, beta testing
0.7 License server integration, string review
0.6 Move to SD support and code cleanup
0.5 Initial illusion mechanism

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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