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*** Same great content, brand new user interface - far easier to read on all devices - no internet connection required to read the content! ***
Have you ever wondered where you time went? Sure you have…we all have at one point in our lifetime. We all sit around looking back at a series of wasted time we invested and wonder where the time went. If we would have planned, organized, worked hard, and set goals, we would be looking back wondering how we can move beyond our already achieved goals.
Understanding how to manage your time is essential in business relationships, school, home, and everyday life. But understanding where to get started in managing your time and getting a handle on the chaos that is your life can be hard to do when you can't even find two socks that match in the mornings!
Managing stress and time is a rewarding achievement that all must maintain in order to reach success. Each day we wake up, we stress to meet deadlines, demands, and finding time to spend with our family, selves and friends. Once time is gone, there is no turning back. Friends, family, self, school, work, activities, and entertainment, as well as other tasks, duties, chores, fun time, etcetera play a role in managing time. The trick is to find a solution to do all the things you want to do without wasting too much time doing it.
While these are challenges we all must face, there are tools and techniques that can help you to meet them in a better balanced way without feeling as though you are at the end of your tether. Everything you need to know about time management is included in this app:
• The Advantages of Time Management
• How to Develop an Action Plan in Time Management
• Controlling Time Management
• Essentials in Time Management
• Goal Setting
...and more...49 pages of useful information...for free in this eBook style app!
***同样精彩内容,全新的用户界面 - 更容易阅读上的所有设备 - 阅读的内容不需要互联网连接! ***
...更多... 49本电子书风格应用程序的免费网页有用的信息...!

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Minor Bug Fixes. Added Pollfish.

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