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Auto SMS 自动メッセージ)日本语版

Auto SMS 自动メッセージ)日本语版

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Auto SMS 自动メッセージ)日本语版 截图

Auto SMS 自动メッセージ)日本语版 Auto SMS 自动メッセージ)日本语版 Auto SMS 自动メッセージ)日本语版 Auto SMS 自动メッセージ)日本语版 Auto SMS 自动メッセージ)日本语版 Auto SMS 自动メッセージ)日本语版

Auto SMS 自动メッセージ)日本语版 描述

SMS自动レスポンダ/ SMSスケジューラ/ SMSリーダー
Please note that this is Japanese version. If you want English version. Please download from here market://details?id=com.tmnlab.autoresponder
SMS Auto responder, SMS scheduler, SMS Reader, Instant SMS
This app responds to incoming SMS and missed call automatically and is able to set a schedule to send SMS in future time. And it also can read out SMS in some supported languages.
***Requires Android: 2.1 and up
***If you are using task killer or app killer, please exclude AutoSMS to work properly.
***If you are using GO SMS, you need to uncheck the "Disable other message notification" setting in Receive Settings of GO SMS setting.
* Easy setup
* Able to setup multiple profile for auto response, switch profile easily by using profile widget
* Auto Response: Auto-response SMS message sent for missed calls
* Reply Message: Able to set your own auto-response message for missed incoming calls and SMS.
*Widget: One touch Auto-response ON/OFF widget
*Auto ON/OFF: Able to set Auto-response Turn-ON duration, no worry even if forget to turn off Auto-response.
*Ringer Mode Setting: Able to set Ringer Mode to silent mode during turn on and restore automatically after turn off.
*Battery Efficient: Auto SMS will not drain battery during “OFF” or “not in Schedule Time”, which helps maintain your battery efficiency.
* Schedule SMS: You can set a schedule to send SMS in future for special occasion or wishes to your love one or business purpose.
* SMS Reader: This feature may be useful when you are unable to look up the screen and read SMS, for example driving. SMS Reader can read out the message for you in this situation. you may need to install Text-to-speech engine to works it properly and the supported language is depend on the Text-to-speech engine.
* Instant SMS: This feature may be useful if you have to send same message to a same person frequently.
*Other Features:
1) If same contact SMS/calls in again within 2-3 mins, only one Auto-response message is sent.
2) Option to prompt you to select Reply message from recently used message.
3) Able to set different message for SMS and incoming missed call.
4) Able to set “Reply Once” option for each scheduled session.
* More features coming soon.
请注意,这是日文版,如果你想英文版本,请从这里下载市场:/ /细节?ID = com.tmnlab.autoresponder

Auto SMS 自动メッセージ)日本语版 更新内容

1. 新しいUI(緑色)の更新。
2. 新しいウェジェットの更新、古いウェジェットをアンインストールする必要がある。
3. グルプの追加。
4. バグの修正。

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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