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GoogleApps Sandboxed Browser

GoogleApps Sandboxed Browser

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GoogleApps Sandboxed Browser GoogleApps Sandboxed Browser GoogleApps Sandboxed Browser

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GoogleApps is a sandboxed browser for Google sites. What this means is that you can browse Google mobile websites securely within the app, but any external links will open in your default browser or other app. It is not much more than an embedded browser (please don't rate this app badly because of this), but it has many uses. The main use for this app is so that you can stay logged out of Google on your main browser (for privacy and security - it is recommended that you disable cookies and local storage). This way, you cannot easily be tracked by Google or have your Google session hijacked when on public Wifi. Also, this app is a great way to access your Google data and services on someone else's device (when borrowed, for example). Lastly, Google's web apps are well-written - with this app you can start to question the gap between HTML5 apps and native apps. Google's web apps load fast, have rich functionality, and generally use less bandwidth than native apps. Give it a try! Features:- Works like Mozilla Prism on the desktop. This is a chrome-less browser that gets out of your way.- Securely browse Google sites (uses HTTPS)- External links open in your default browser.- Long-press links to choose how to open them.- Uses much less bandwidth than native apps (like Google+ app). No background sync'ing.- Google's sites scale beautifully to most screen sizes, and are fast (usually faster than apps). - Features local data storage and caching for reduced bandwidth usage and speed. In general, this app is a quick and bandwidth-light way to access Google apps. There is no background updating, etc. Simply install, log in, and have your data and services accessible. This app (originally called GoogleNews) is open source. Visit the app's website for more information. Sites enabled: Google plus, News, Reader, YouTube, GMail, Calendar, Tasks, Google Drive. Other Google sites are also accessible via the links within the apps.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Toby Kurien

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