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GoogleApps Sandboxed Browser 描述

GApps Browser is a sandboxed browser for Google sites. What this means is that you can browse Google mobile websites securely within the app, but any external links will open in your default browser or other app. It is not much more than an embedded browser (please don't rate this app badly because of this), but it has many uses.
The main use for GApps Browser is that you can stay logged out of Google on your main browser (for privacy and security - it is recommended that you disable cookies and flash local storage). This way, you cannot easily be tracked by Google or have your Google session hijacked when on public Wifi. GApps Browser automatically uses HTTPS for all requests to Google.
GApps Browser is a great way to access your Google data and services on someone else's device (when borrowed, for example). Also, if you value your privacy and want to avoid leaking location, phone book, photos, and other data on your Android device to surveillance systems like PRISM, XKeyscore, Tempora, etc., then you can install CyanogenMod or other AOSP-based ROM on your device *without* GApps, and instead use this app to access Google's services in a sandboxed and controllable way (your Google data is already compromised by PRISM).
Lastly, Google's web apps are well-written - with this app you can start to question the gap between HTML5 apps and native apps. Google's web apps are mobile-enabled, load fast, have rich functionality, and generally use less bandwidth than native apps. Give it a try!
- Works like Mozilla Prism on the desktop. This is a mostly chrome-less browser that gets out of your way.
- Completely full-screen browsing (if you enable it in the settings)
- Securely browse Google sites (uses HTTPS)
- Blocks 3rd party requests (images/scripts/iframes outside of Google's domains)
- Blocks requests to non-HTTPS URLs to maintain security
- User agent setting allows more rich mobile experience
- External links open in your default browser (recommend turning off cookies and plugins on that browser)
- Long-press links to choose how to open them
- Uses much less bandwidth than native apps (like Google+ app). No background sync'ing.
- Google's sites scale beautifully to most screen sizes, and are fast (usually faster than apps).
- Features local data storage and caching for reduced bandwidth usage and better speed.
GApps Browser (previously called GoogleApps) is open source. Visit the app's website for more information and source code. Also in available is WebApps sandboxed browser that will allow other sites like Facebook and Twitter to be run in a sandbox - get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tobykurien.webapps
Sites enabled: Google Plus, News, Groups, Ingress Intel, GMail, Calendar, Tasks, Drive, Maps, Search. Other Google sites (e.g. Android developer Console) are also accessible via the links within the apps or via Search.
主要使用GAPPS浏览器,你可以保持谷歌的退出对您的主浏览器(隐私和安全 - 这是建议您禁用cookies和Flash本地存储)。这样,你不能很容易地跟踪谷歌或已经您的Google会话劫持在公共WiFi时。 GAPPS浏览器会自动使用HTTPS谷歌的所有请求。
GAPPS浏览器是一个伟大的方式来访问您的谷歌数据和服务,在别人的设备(借来的,例如)。此外,如果您重视您的隐私,要避免泄漏的位置,电话簿,照片,和其他Android设备上的数据监控系统,如棱镜,XKeyscore,TEMPORA等,那么你可以安装的CyanogenMod或其他基于AOSP ROM您的设备*无* GAPPS,,而使用这个应用程序来访问谷歌的服务在一个沙箱和可控的方式(您的Google数据已经受损PRISM)。
最后,谷歌的网络应用程序编写 - 这个程序,你就可以开始质疑HTML5应用程序和本地应用程序之间的差距。谷歌的Web应用程序是移动功能,加载速度快,具有丰富的功能,而且一般比本地应用程序中使用更少的带宽。试试看!
- 工程像Mozilla棱镜的桌面上。这是大多少铬的浏览器,你的出路。
- 完全全屏浏览(如果你在设置中启用它)
- 安全浏览谷歌网站(使用HTTPS)
- 阻止第三方请求(影像/脚本/内置页框之外的谷歌的域)
- 块非HTTPS URL的请求,以维护安全
- 用户代理设置允许更丰富的移动体验
- 在您的默认浏览器中打开外部链接(建议关掉cookies和插件,浏览器上)
- 长按选择如何打开它们的链接
- 使用更少的带宽,比本地应用程序(如谷歌的应用程序)。没有背景同步中。
- 谷歌网站的规模,精美的大多数屏幕尺寸,速度快(通常速度比应用程序)。
- 特点本地数据存储和缓存减少带宽使用,更好的速度。
(以前称为GoogleApps)GAPPS浏览器是开源的。访问应用程序的网站,更多的信息和源代码。此外,在提供Web应用程序沙箱,将允许其他网站,如Facebook和Twitter在沙箱中运行的浏览器 - 在这里得到:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tobykurien.webapps

GoogleApps Sandboxed Browser 更新内容

- Added image toggling to reduce bandwidth usage
- Added ability to refresh a loaded page

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Toby Kurien

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