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TomTom WEBFLEET Mobile

TomTom WEBFLEET Mobile

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Access your TomTom WEBFLEET® account on your Android smartphone
Please note this is NO NAVIGATION app. This app is for TomTom WEBFLEET® subscribers only.
Access WEBFLEET on your Android smartphone and manage your on-the-road operations anywhere, anytime.
TomTom Business Solutions keeps your business on the move. WEBFLEET is our online fleet management application that helps you manage your road-based operations with ease. This app gives managers or dispatchers instant access to critical information relating to the mobile workforce, anytime and from anywhere. So you can increase business efficiency while impressing customers with a great service.
TomTom’s award winning WEBFLEET fleet management software is known throughout the world for its ease of use. The WEBFLEET App takes advantage of Android features and functionalities to make fleet management even easier. Stay on top of your business with the following features:
Version 1.2 adds the following functionality:
- Display the track of a vehicle's trip on the map.
- View the list of orders and their current state.
- Manage (create, dispatch, update and delete) orders using your phone or tablet.
- Show the destination of your orders on the map.
- View all orders of a selected vehicle.
- Refresh lists manually.
- Scroll lists for days by swiping with one finger; two fingers to scroll week by week. The following lists support finger swiping: Notifications, Trips, Orders.
- Ice Cream Sandwich support (ICS Android 4.0).
Version 1.1 includes the following functionality:
- Availability of mapping material - TomTom map (including TomTom HD Traffic), Google map, Satellite map.
- "Switch-to-Streetview-app" button if Streetview is available at the position of the vehicle.
- Locate your vehicles on the map (search from a list or sort by group). View critical information instantly; position, status, destination and ETA, speed and direction.
- Current driver of a vehicle can be called directly on the phone.
- View the details of recent trips by vehicle, including the trip distance, duration, start and finish position.
- Instantly see the status of current orders that are assigned to a vehicle.
- View order, text and status messages in a simple overview to keep yourself up to speed.
- Protect your assets. Receive automatic notifications when vehicles enter or leave a particular geographical zone. Receive alerts when an order is overdue.
- English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
Please note this app is not providing TURN-BY-TURN NAVIGATION.
The TomTom WEBFLEET Mobile app does not offer turn-by-turn navigation.
(1) You need to be a TomTom Business Solutions customer with an existing WEBFLEET account in order to be able to use the TomTom WEBFLEET Mobile app. Without an account the App does not work. Please contact your Business Solutions representative if you need further information or visit www.tomtom.com/business
(2) Check www.tomtom.com/business for availability per country.
(3) The WEBFLEET app is a complimentary viewing app to our web based WEBFLEET software.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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