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Tornado IM Tornado IM Tornado IM Tornado IM Tornado IM Tornado IM

Tornado IM 描述

Before installing the new version, uninstall all previous versions of Tornado IM!

Dear users, please note that the Tornado IM only be used for devices with screen resolution greater than 320*480!

Tornado IM — it's a real revolution in internet communication!
A bright and thoughtful design interface without the "tabs" will help you fully enjoy the process of communication.
With a brand new display system of the new events in the chat window together with sound and vibration alerts you'll never miss an important message.
Trying to remember what you were talking a few days ago? Do not waste time and effort to search the entire history is loaded directly into the chat.
For the convenience of communication, we implemented the function of meta contacts, now you do not have to scroll through the list monotonically in the search for the desired contact.
Want to hide the correspondence from prying eyes? To do this, we added a feature - Master password. Your personal information will be protected using AES encryption.

Follow the news Tornado IM on Twitter: @Tornado_IM

Supported protocols: ICQ, VK, FC, Jabber, GTalk.

We are actively developing, and in future releases you will find many pleasant and useful innovations!

Tornado IM works on Android OS 2.1 or higher.

We need your feedback and bug reports to make the program better!
Found bugs send to bug@tornadoim.com

Tornado IM 更新内容


We are grateful to users who send bug reports!

Version 2.0.1:

— Absolutely new, rethought and reworked!

Tornado IM 历史版本

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Tornado IM 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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