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Nonprofit Manager’s FAQ

Nonprofit Manager’s FAQ

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Nonprofit Manager’s FAQ Nonprofit Manager’s FAQ Nonprofit Manager’s FAQ Nonprofit Manager’s FAQ Nonprofit Manager’s FAQ

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In this app you’ll find and be able to share answers to your most critical nonprofit management questions and challenges. This app brings together tips and guidance on how to work more effectively in the nonprofit field, featuring nearly 200 Frequently Asked Questions which have been thoughtfully adapted from new and bestselling Jossey-Bass/Wiley books and resources, written by the sector’s leading minds and organizations. Designed for busy professionals at all levels, this app offers practical insights and strategies on every aspect of nonprofit work including Boards & Governance, Management, Marketing, Finance, Fundraising, HR and Legal. New FAQ’s and content are added on a regular basis so download this trusted resource today! Features Include: - The ability to search and browse all content - Share your knowledge discovery via Facebook and Twitter - Share FAQ’s with colleagues through your email - Pick and save your favorite answers and content - Adjust the text size - Read content and news fed from our NonprofitCommunity.com website. You can also discover the sources of the content as well links to websites for the authors and organizations behind it.

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