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Berlin Travel Guide - Tourias

Berlin Travel Guide - Tourias

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Berlin Travel Guide - Tourias Berlin Travel Guide - Tourias Berlin Travel Guide - Tourias Berlin Travel Guide - Tourias Berlin Travel Guide - Tourias Berlin Travel Guide - Tourias

Berlin Travel Guide - Tourias 描述

+++ Now with free Offline Maps, Tour Tickets and even better value Premium Upgrades! +++
With TOURIAS Berlin Travel Guide you always have all the important information to hand when travelling. And all this in over 120 travel destinations.
Whether you’re at home on the couch, out and about at your holiday destination or even after the trip, the TOURIAS Travel Guide gives you useful tips for your holiday or your business trip in Berlin. It makes no difference if you’re visiting the sights, discovering great restaurants or going out to the trendiest clubs.
And the TOURIAS Travel Guides also offer a lot more:
• Complimentary offline maps and complete offline use without expensive roaming fees
• MyGuide: take photos, write text and save it all. Of course, you can also share your personal experiences on Facebook
• Tour Tickets: you can book alternative tours from locals directly and in doing so, explore your travel destination in a truly special way
• Augmented Reality: discover the hotspots of your holiday destination via the camera on your Smartphone/Tablet
• GPS use – where am I?
• “Nearby” Function – where’s the next restaurant?
• Upgrade: the optional upgrade allows the guide to be completely free of advertising
Further TOURIAS Travel Guides for lots of interesting travel destinations can be also be found easily via this app. Simply select the desired destination under “Further Destinations” and you will be linked automatically to the app store.
We hope you enjoy using this free travel guide. We very happy to receive your feedback, information about the travel destination, your wishes and suggestions at info@tourias-mobile.com.
+++现在有了免费的离线地图,旅游门票,甚至更好的价值付费升级! +++
•GPS使用 - 我在哪里?
•“附近”功能 - 哪来的下一个餐馆?

Berlin Travel Guide - Tourias 更新内容

We have reworked TOURIAS Travel Guide completely! That´s new:
* new, modern design
* more clearly structured user interface
* dashboard showing most important contents
* reworked travel contents

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