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Konstanz, the city of Lake ConstanceLake Constance – Lac de Constance – Lago di Costanza – the lake is named according to the city of Konstanz.The city of Konstanz, with around 80,000 inhabitants, is not only the largest city on the lake, but also in living memory at the center of the lake between the Black Forest / Alps in the north and west and the Alps in the south and east.Konstanz invites you at the lake with its bustling medieval old town and the perfect location as a starting point for all activities around the lake.Konstanz is both a historic and cultural gem because of its history, the museums, the oldest active theater in Germany and the Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra.Konstanz is on the other hand relaxing and adventure-oriented by the lake and nearby Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and the Alps.What do you prefer: swimming in the lake, sunbathing in the beach resorts, boat tours and excursion vessels, in the Bodensee-Therme spa, cycling, hiking, the flower island of Mainau. Large parts of the Old Town are pedestrian area and invite you for shopping in numerous retail stores and shopping centers.Konstanz is also young and lively due to the students of the University of Excellence and the College of Engineering, Business and Design. Thus offers e.g. not only the variety of restaurants & local cuisine, but of beer gardens on the harbour and the cuisine of various nationalities about cafes, wine bars, bars, lounges and discos to party locations, culinary enjoyment and entertainment for every age and state of mind.Small and large events, e.g. Alemannic carnival, the Lake Festival in August, the several kilometer long border-crossing flea market in Konstanz/ Kreuzlingen (Germany/ Switzerland), the wine festival, concerts like "Rock am See" and the events on the island of Mainau are outstanding events in a unique atmosphere and environment.More than 40 hotels, 250 apartments and private rooms and several campsites like to invite you for staying in Konstanz.This mobile guide is provided from the Tourism Media Center Tomec, Keysights GmbH in Konstanz and maintained continuously in close cooperation with the Tourist-Information Konstanz GmbH and Tourismus plus e.V. It will offer you all the information for your stay in Konstanz: accommodations, destinations and leisure time tips, event information and mobility information.The content of this mobile guide can be found online and simultaneously on the mobile website www.konstanz-abc.mobi, on public information terminals in Konstanz, in many guest PCs in Konstanz, or on your PC in www.konstanz-abc.com.Please let us know your comments, requests and suggestions by e-mail to redaktion@tomec.eu. Thank you!

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