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Disney World Lines Disney World Lines Disney World Lines Disney World Lines Disney World Lines Disney World Lines

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LINES will help you save time and money during your Walt Disney World trip. Because we’re independent travel writers, we can tell you what Disney can’t, from actual waits in line, to which park will be less crowded every day of your trip.
LINES features include:
-Both Disney’s currently posted wait time at every attraction and how long you’ll REALLY wait in line, based on our experience and that of thousands of families on the same ride.
-New “Ride Now” and “Wait to Ride” recommendations to show whether waits are going up or down at your favorite rides.
-Customized step-by-step touring plans for each Disney park. You tell LINES which rides you want to see, and LINES will create a step-by-step itinerary showing when to go to each ride to avoid long lines. You can even change your plans while you’re in the park!
-A Crowd Calendar showing you how busy each park will be over the next ten days.
-Disney’s official app doesn’t show you the waits for many attractions or character greetings. LINES has wait times for more rides, shows, and character greetings than even Disney’s own app.
-See which rides still have FastPass+ ride reservations for the rest of the day. This is incredibly useful if you’re trying to plan your afternoon and evening, if you want to know whether FastPass+ is available at Splash Mountain after your nap, or if trying to decide which park to go to after dinner.
-Ask questions and get fast answers from our online community of 120,000 Disney experts
-Menus and prices for every restaurant, kiosk, food stand, and cart in all of Walt Disney World – more than 12,000 things to eat! Every menu is searchable – you can find every steak in Epcot or around Walt Disney World!
-LINES will show you exactly which things in each restaurant and store count as a snack in the Disney Dining Plan.
Our Disney trip planning tools have been featured in USA Today, the New York Times, FOX News and dozens of other newspapers, magazines, television and radio shows. Since 1986, we’ve helped more than 3 million families plan their Walt Disney World vacations.
Note: Some LINES features, such as the crowd calendar and wait times, require an in-app subscription purchase to access. Other LINES features, such as customized touring plans, menus, and viewing chat forums, are completely free. Your in-app subscription includes 365 days of access to TouringPlans.com, the Web’s most popular subscription-based site for Disney trip planning.
- 两种迪斯尼目前发布的等待时间,在每一个景点多久你真的会排队等候,根据我们的经验,并且在同一乘车家庭十万。
- 新的“现在骑”和“等到骑”的建议,表明等待是否会上涨或下跌,在你最喜欢的游乐设施。
-Disney的官方应用程序不会显示你的等待许多景点或字符的问候。 LINES已等待时间更多的游乐设施,表演,甚至比迪斯尼自己的应用程序特征的问候。
- 查看该骑着还有FASTPASS +骑保留了一天的休息。这是非常有用的,如果你想计划你的下午和晚上,如果你想知道FASTPASS +是否可以在飞溅山的午睡之后,或者试图决定晚饭后去哪个公园。
-Menus和价格每家餐厅,亭,小吃摊和购物车中的所有迪斯尼乐园 - 超过12,000吃的东西!每个菜单搜索 - 你可以找到每一个牛排在未来世界或周围的华特迪士尼世界!

Disney World Lines 更新内容

-New “Ride Now” and “Wait to Ride” recommendations to show whether waits are going up or down at your favorite rides. LINES also shows when waits will be lower for each attraction.
- A list of all FastPass+ times available for every attraction in each park, on one simple screen.
- A new Disney ticket search engine shows where to find the cheapest Disney World tickets for your specific trip needs.
- In-app billing improvements.

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