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Elmer’s 1st Day

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Elmer’s 1st Day Elmer’s 1st Day Elmer’s 1st Day Elmer’s 1st Day Elmer’s 1st Day Elmer’s 1st Day

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Celebrate your child’s 1st Day of school with Elmer’s FREE 1st Day™ app. Every school year is an adventure; so make that very first, exciting and anticipated moment last with photos worth sharing.
Here’s how it works:
CAPTURE - Snap photos of your kids on their 1st day of school from preschool to high school and beyond.
CREATE – Personalize each memory with quotes or captions, and organize them by date, child or album.
SHARE – Give friends and family something to smile about with access to your favorite photo memories.
• Resourceful for teachers in need of a quick and easy way to capture and share photos of classrooms, art projects, events and more throughout the school year.
• Works in tandem with 1st Day site: www.the1stDay.com – where you can safely share slide shows and other 1st Day memories with family and close friends to create a secure 1st Day Community.
• For every photo uploaded, Elmer’s will donate one product to the Kids In Need Foundation, and is proud to help with a donation of up to 200,000 products.
捕捉 - 捕捉你的孩子在他们的第一天,学校从学前班到高中和以后的照片。
创建 - 个性化设置每个内存报价或标题,日期,子女或专辑,并组织他们。
分享 - 给家人和朋友的东西,笑访问您最喜爱的照片的回忆。
•随第一天网站:www.the1stDay.com - 在那里你可以安全地共享幻灯片放映和其他第一天的回忆与家人和亲密的朋友创造一个安全的第一天社区。

Elmer’s 1st Day 更新内容

Elmer's 1st Day has been completely rebuilt for Android. It's faster and more reliable than ever before with an improved UI, smarter profile creation, advanced social sharing with Facebook and Twitter, a new menu and improved interaction with www.the1stday.com - the 1st Day website.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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