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BJCP Beer Style Reference

BJCP Beer Style Reference

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BJCP Beer Style Reference BJCP Beer Style Reference BJCP Beer Style Reference BJCP Beer Style Reference BJCP Beer Style Reference BJCP Beer Style Reference

BJCP Beer Style Reference 描述

Application for easy viewing of the official Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) beer/mead/cider style guidelines on your Android phone.
What's the difference between an American and an English IPA? Interested in a classic example of a Belgian Pale Ale? Want to know official SRM, IBU, OG, FG stats for a Lambic? Now you can use this handy reference to determine the answer according to the Beer Judge Certification Program. One touch search of the BJCP style guidelines provided if you enable the app in the Android searchable items menu.
Use BJCPDroid to study for the Beer Judge Certification Program exam or as an aide during competitions. Not a BJCP member? BJCPDroid makes an excellent companion for debating how closely that expensive bottle of brew you purchased at the pub adheres to the styles that define the world's classic examples. Impress your friends with your depth of knowledge in beer history and adjectives describing flavor/aroma characteristics.
Homebrewers, use the BJCP Beer Style Reference to evaluate your own brews and strive to match some classic examples.
Application provides a contentprovider that allows the BJCP style guidelines to be used by other application. Developers, contact us if interested in using this functionality.
BJCP Beer Style Reference is the ONLY BJCP style reference for Android that has been approved to use the copyrighted information produced by the BJCP. This application is ad supported but BJCP members can remove the ads by inputting their BJCP number. Please feel free to contact the developer directly with questions, feature requests and comments. Email and Twitter links are provided from the settings page within the application.
Remember to always drink responsibly.
Interested in beta testing the latest releases? Follow the instructions located here: http://drupal.transmutableexplorations.com/BJCPDroid
使用BJCPDroid学习的啤酒法官认证计划考试或比赛期间的助手。不是BJCP会员? BJCPDroid使一个很好的伴侣讨论如何密切昂贵的一瓶酿造的你在酒吧购买坚持定义世界经典例子的样式。与你的知识在啤酒的历史和形容词,描述风味/香味特性的深入打动你的朋友。

BJCP Beer Style Reference 更新内容

- Updated SRM page to show approved textual descriptions
- changes to support Android L
- infrastructure changes to prepare for the 2014 version of the BJCP Style Guidelines

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BJCP Beer Style Reference 信息

Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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