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Rapid Rote Mobile

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Rapid Rote Mobile is specifically designed for users of the CL-150 Technology Matrix for Critical Languages, which supports language and culture learning for specialized government purposes. As a licensed CL-150 user, you are already authorized to download and use this app. To access the Rapid Rote mobile app: 1) Download the Rapid Rote Mobile App. 2) Log in to your CL-150 account and click the “edit profile” link in the top right-hand corner to view your personal Rapid Rote Mobile User Name. Enter that user name when requested the first time you launch the Rapid Rote Mobile app. 3) Select your language and list. When the download completes, begin learning. (A network connection is required for list selection and initial download.) NOTE: CL-150 accounts are only available to personnel of officially licensed organizations. For more information, please visit usg.transparent.com. Rapid Rote Mobile allows you to select and learn CL-150 Rapid Rote list in any of more than 15 supported languages. Rapid Rote mobile takes you through a 3-step process that allows you to quickly and reliably master each of the words and phrases in your chosen list. Finish by taking a quiz for each list. Learning new words and phrases is a major and important aspect of learning any new language. Rapid Rote Mobile helps you do that learning as effectively as possible, wherever you are and whenever you have the chance. Features of Rapid Rote Mobile include: • Access to the same Rapid Rote lists as available on the CL-150.• 3-Step learning method for fast, efficient, and effective learning. • Native speaker recording of each word or phrase, plus a SlowSound™ feature that lets you hear every nuance of pronunciation. (Some customer-authored content does not include recordings.) • Multiple-choice quizzes to assess what you have learned. • Twitter search feature lets you see how the words and phrases you are learning are used in live Twitter conversations (Requires a network connection). • Progress tracking with statistics on the number of items learned. • Add your own custom content. New Rapid Rote lists can easily be created using separate Rapid Rote for Windows software, and then uploaded to the CL-150 and shared with other CL-150 members.

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