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Farm Animal Sounds

Farm Animal Sounds

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Farm Animal Sounds Farm Animal Sounds

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Adorable animals with real sounds! Teach your child or surprise friends!

Adorable animals, real sounds! Bring the atmosphere of a countryside farm to your home, teach and laugh with your small children, or maybe surprise friends and colleagues with the real animal sounds.

Instructions: Once the application loaded, touch any animal to hear its voice. You may even touch multiple animals at once to assemble a choir.

The application operates as an animated soundboard for now, if you like it please vote and comment, so that new features can be implemented.

Possible uses:
* Let your child voice the animals while you tell a tale about them.
* Sneak up behind your friend playing Angry Birds, and voice a rooster for her.

Images licensed from VectorStock, sounds are CC-Attrib from freesound.org users rvinyard, confusion-music, dobroide, agfx and juskiddink, big thanks for them!

Permissions: Internet and device state access for displaying ads (AdMob) and submitting usage statistics (Flurry).

Keywords: animals, sound, voice, cow, rooster, chicken, horse, frog, duck, hen, sheep, pig, soundboard, farm, fun, educative, child-friendly, trick, surprise.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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