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BotPanda Cleaner

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Trend Micro BotPanda Cleaner is a standalone android antivirus tool that scans Android devices to detect infections from the Android virus called BotPanda.A. BotPanda.A is an android virus that infects rooted android devices, it places malicious files onto the device that allow a hacker to take control of the device from anywhere on the internet.
This tool is designed to only detect and remove the one android malware, BotPanda.A. It will not protect against other virus and malware that attack Android. For full protection against android malware and android virus attacks you should install Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition.
Trend Micro has been a trusted security leader for 20+ years. It blocks five billion threats daily for over 100 million customers worldwide. Expert security researchers have found and dissected the BotPanda threat and provided this tool to help remove the files that the malware drops onto the device.
BotPanda cleaner will;
- Detect infections from the BotPanda malware
- Allow you to remove the malicious application along with the files that BotPanda leaves behind (normal Android Antivirus solutions cannot remove these files, they will just help you to remove the application leaving your device still open to attack.)
- Replace the system files that the BotPanda threat removes from your device
Users of any 3rd Party Android Antivirus or Mobile Security Solution including, NQ, Norton, McAfee, AVG, Webroot, Avast!, Kaspersky, Lookout can simply install and run this tool to ensure they are not infected.
If you are searching for this and/or other Trend Micro security apps you can use the following words: Trend Micro, Antivirus, Security, Malicious, Virus, BotPanda, BotPanda.A

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系统工具 WiFi 浏览器 输入法
Android 2.1.0 以上

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