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GPS健身伴侣 GPS健身伴侣 GPS健身伴侣 GPS健身伴侣 GPS健身伴侣 GPS健身伴侣

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Reach your fitness goals faster with AllSport GPS PRO.
Track workouts--runs, walks, bike rides and other sports--on a map. View 25 heart-pounding stats as you sweat: time, speed, calories, distance. Privately store and analyze training sessions at allsportgps.com. Find places to train and share your weight loss workouts with our fitness community and on Facebook.
AllSport GPS PRO uses the GPS in your Android phone. No cell or data signals are required to see where, how far, how fast, or how many calories you burned.
With AllSport GPS PRO on Android, you can:
• Track bicycle rides, runs, walks, skiing, and other workouts. AllSport GPS works for single sport or multi-sport athletes training for a triathlon.
• View your progress and exact location on street, aerial, and topographical maps. Preload free offline topo maps, aerial photos, and road maps on your SD card so you can view maps in remote areas on mountain bike rides, trail runs, road bike routes, etc.
• Shoot video and photos. Collect memories as you go. Save videos to your YouTube account too.
• Check five-day weather reports. See today's temperature, heat index, humidity, and wind speed.
• Train for 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon races. Keep track of your charity workouts, walking and running events, and cycling events.
• Use AllSport GPS to build muscles, burn fat, and watch your calorie counter graphs grow.
• Collect 25 on the go stats (time, speed, distance, pace) and boost your heart rate.
• View elevation and speed profiles.
• Share workouts and cardio training sessions on allsportgps.com, Facebook, and Twitter.
• Access editor-approved rides by Bicycling magazine and shared community trips.
• Race against your previous workouts, beat friends, or other community members to better your personal records.
• Use built-in training programs on your phone
• Record lap times and create interval programs
• Listen to music or play Pandora as you train.
This app is the result of close collaboration between athletes, longtime app users, and beta testers. All Sport GPS Pro costs only a fraction of expensive fitness watches, standalone GPS units, and other sports tracker devices. It's also a great fitness app to supplement any men's health or women's training guides you might be following.
"...Users rave about its capabilities." One of the 8 best Android apps for Health and Fitness. --Mashable.com
"Tracking your workouts helps keep you motivated to do them. And this fitness tracker makes it easy, logging your distance, counting calories, and keeping track of time as you work out." --Shape magazine
"...One of the best interfaces imaginable for helping you keep track of basic information regarding your fitness workout." --bestapps.com
"...kill two birds with one stone: Make that cell phone you always carry double as a powerful GPS unit with a host of useful tools to map rides, record data and even trade routes and virtually race against others." --Bicycling magazine
达到你的健身目标更快AllSport GPS PRO。
田径训练 - 运行,散步,骑自行车等运动 - 在地图上。查看25心脏加速的统计,你出汗:时间,速度,卡路里,距离。私人存储和分析培训班在allsportgps.com。找地方培养和分享你的减肥锻炼我们的健身社会和Facebook上。
AllSport GPS PRO使用GPS在你的Andr​​oid手机。无细胞或数据信号都必须看到,有多远,有多快,或者你燃烧了多少卡路里。
随着Android的AllSport GPS PRO,您可以:
•跟踪骑自行车,跑,散步,滑雪,和其他训练。 AllSport GPS适用于单一的运动和多运动的运动员的训练铁人三项。
•使用AllSport GPS来锻炼肌肉,燃烧脂肪,并观看你的卡路里计数器图表增长。
“......用户狂欢它的能力。”一个用于健康和健身的最好8的Andr​​oid应用程序。 --Mashable.com
“跟踪你的锻炼有助于保持你的动机做他们。而这个健身追踪器很容易,你的记录距离,计算卡路里,并跟踪时间,你的工作。” --Shape杂志
“......可以想象一个帮助你最好的接口跟踪有关您的健身锻炼的基本信息。” --bestapps.com
“......二鸟一石:作出这样的手机你总是随身携带的双与许多有用的工具绘制的游乐设施,记录数据,甚至贸易路线和对他人几乎赛一个强大的GPS设备。” --Bicycling杂志

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生活实用工具 运动健康 运动·健身
Android 2.1.x 以上



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