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Call It! 3D

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Call It! 3D Call It! 3D Call It! 3D Call It! 3D Call It! 3D Call It! 3D

Call It! 3D 描述

Create your own coins and start the 3D flipping action. Call it! Heads or tails!
Call It! 3D is a coin flipping application with realistic 3D animation! You can independently choose the heads or tails faces from a pre-created set of high quality coins (including Euros), or you can create your own Custom Coins! Either shake or flick the coin to start spinning!
You can change whether or not you are looking at the spinning coin straight on or look at it from overhead! You can even change the view while the coin is spinning!
Choices, choices!
Use the Settings to choose the head and tails images, change the edge of the coin, or turn off the sound. You can even select Slow Motion to watch your coin spin slowly!
Create Custom Coin
Use the 'Create Custom Coin' to create your own Custom Coins using your own pictures! These can be pictures captured by your camera, ones stored on your SD card, or images that you have downloaded and saved from your Browser! They don't even need to look like real coins!
You crop your own Custom coin out of the selected image by moving the red selection circle and by using the zoom controls. Once you are satisfied with your coin, Select it, Rotate it if you wish, and Save Image. Your custom coin is now available to be selected as a Head or a Tail.
Is it Fair?
Check the statistics to see if the coin flips fairly.

Call It! 3D 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Fixed support for Android 2.1 (broken with V1.0.2)

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Call It! 3D 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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