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IMPORTANT: This is the FREE, limited version of Link. There are 8 original levels, which are not present in the extended version of Link. Link Lite does not include advanced features, like the Tradin' Post, multi-train levels, user-moveable anchor points, or super-heavy trains.
"Link" is a modern take on the classic 80's game. Build bridges using wood and steel girders, and in more advanced levels with stone blocks and rope cables.
As a 19th-century industrialist, you're building trains across the great West. The expansion of America depends on the delivery of coal, lumber, crates, animals, and of course passengers across a variety of valleys, ditches, waterways, and canyons.
Link uses some of the principles of civil engineering to create stable structures. Creating bridges using randomly-connected girders, cables, and stone will probably result in a lot of casualties. Instead, you'll need to think like a designer. Will a rectangular or triangular girder structure provide less strain on the girder joints? Does it make more sense to attach cables near the beginning and end, or near the middle? If there is no place to attach cables, what type of structure can you build on which to attach cables?
You should also consider the physical properties of wood vs. steel. Steel is heavier and sturdier, while wood is lighter but probably not able to handle as much stress. Concrete is the heaviest and sturdiest of all construction elements, but you have a limited number of blocks to use and a limited number of places to put them. Cables provide some additional support from above, but they are also limited, and in some cases you will need to build a support structure for them.
With 40 levels and counting, Link will provide you with days of enjoyment and frustration. But in each level, you have a limited number of construction elements and structural anchors. On levels with concrete blocks, the tops of blocks also provide additional anchor points. Use these blocks carefully, though! An improperly placed anchor can make all the difference between success and failure.
Several user controls are available, including zoom in/zoom out, grid overlay toggle, show/hide bottom controls, reset the entire level, undo, and delete (the "X" icon). This should be fairly obvious based on the icon. At the far right, bottom corner is an up/down arrow to toggle the bottom control bar display.
Many of us have built bridges with toothpicks in school projects, or created a sturdy structure with a limited number of tools and materials. We all know how challenging - and rewarding - this can be. Now you can have that kind of fun in your pocket or purse all the time with Link!
If you believe that you have achieved an optimal bridge for the level, please take a screenshot of your bridge (or just a normal camera picture!), and post it to the Link Facebook wall at:
Or, if you're having difficulty finding a good solution for a particular level, check our Facebook page for ideas and comments from other Link users.
Please be sure to post any bugs or other issues on the Facebook wall, too. Letting us know which level you're on, and what type of device you're using, helps a lot. With your help we'll make Link great!
Solutions to the 8 levels from Link Lite can be viewed in this YouTube video:
Please note that these solutions are NOT necessarily the most optimal, or highest-scoring, solutions, but they do work. I strongly recommend that you actually try to beat the game first! It's not as much fun if you just copy the solution that I've provided.
Developers! I'm now making 100% of the source code for the paid version of this app available at the following URL:
This app was created using the Corona SDK.
重要提示:这是免费的,有限版本的链接。 8原来的水平,这是不存在的扩展版本,链接的。链接精简版不包括高级特性,比如Tradin后,火车多水平,用户可移动的锚点,或超重型列车。
我们中的许多人已建桥梁用牙签在学校项目,或创建一个坚固的结构与数量有限的工具和材料。我们都知道这是怎样的挑战 - 和奖励 - 。现在你可以在你的口袋或钱包中所有的时间与链接的那种乐趣!

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In this version, some minor bugs reported on the Link Facebook page have been fixed, including the issue whereby small girders could not be added when the screen is zoomed.
The Facebook page for Link is at:

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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