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Turbo GPS 2

Turbo GPS 2

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Turbo GPS 2 Turbo GPS 2

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The known all-in-one GPS for android, now in version 2.IF IT DOES NOT RUN IN YOUR PHONE: Mail me. We 'll fix :)PLEASE CONSIDER A SMALL DONATION TO REMOVE ADS! DONATION IS POSSIBLE VIA PAYPAL WITHIN Turbo GPS 2!LANGUAGES: English, Greek, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic and Polish.* Improved graphics* Augmented Reality for waypoints* NMEA TCP Server* Track categories* Waypoint categories* Better compass and direction systems* Supports map rotation* Debugging GPS functions and Simulation track mode* Tracks/Waypoints (compatible with Turbo GPS 1)* Unlimited waypoints, tracks, sensors, satellites* Import from LOC,GPX,KML* Export to LOC,GPX,KML,KMZ* Google maps * NMEA TCP Server* OpenStreet maps* TGPS maps* Custom GPS provider support (including Bluetooth external GPS)* Can download directions from Google Maps* Internet Pursuit. Requires a response format of x y z (space separated), for example 25.95 23.05 13* Internet tracking, posts current position to a PHP script.* GREEK GR87 (ΕΓΣΑ87 ΕΓΣΑ) Grid.Support:If you have any issues, please contact me. If you first leave negative star rating and then you contact me, you will be simply ignored. Permissions:-----* Camera access for augmented reality.* Record audio to be able to record messages while capturing waypoints.* Check Phone State so PayPal donation and Registration can be checked.* Change Wifi State so it can save your wifi networks as waypoints.* Read/Write external storage so it can write information to your SD card.* Read/Write contacts, so it can associate GPS positions with your contacts* Access Internet/Wifi/Network state so things like OpenStreetMaps and GoogleMaps can work.* Access Fine/Coarse location, so it gets a fix :)* Access Mock location so it can access my Bluetooth GPS Provider (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.turboirc.bgp.v1)

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旅游出行 用车租车
Android 2.3.2 以上
Michael Chourdakis

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