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Turning Point Ministries

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Turning Point Ministries Turning Point Ministries Turning Point Ministries Turning Point Ministries Turning Point Ministries Turning Point Ministries

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The Official Turning Point Android Phone App.

Turning Point is the teaching ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah. Our mission is to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world through sound Bible teaching. We believe that when one’s life intersects with God, that moment will be a life-changing turning point. We are dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the daily spiritual walk of our listeners and viewers by providing print, audio, and video Bible study resources to help them grow spiritually.

App features-
-Access the Jeremiah Study Bible website for additional study resources.
-Listen to daily messages.

-Watch weekly television broadcasts from the pulpit at Shadow Mountain Community Church.

-Access Daily devotions.

-Follow Turning Point on twitter and Facebook.

-Find events where Dr. David Jeremiah will be speaking.
-Plus much more.

For more information about Turning Point please visit www.DavidJeremiah.org

*Note: WiFi Internet is required for non-cellular network connected devices.
*Network Data Usage rates may apply when connected to a carriers network.
***Rate our App '5 stars' so more people can experience sound Bible teaching!***

- 访问耶利米圣经研究网站以获得更多的学习资源。
- 听每日信息。
- 手表从讲坛的影山社区教会每周一次的电视节目。


- 查找活动大卫耶利米博士将发表演讲。
- 以及更多。

Turning Point Ministries 更新内容

Have you ever wanted to share this app with a friend, family member, or co-worker? If so, we've made it super easy for you with our new app sharing feature! Just open the side menu and to the right of the app name you'll see a share icon, which allows you to effortlessly text a download link to anyone you wish. You can also share the app through Facebook, Twitter, or any outlet you choose.
This update also includes a few bug fixes, just for good measure.

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