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K-Wave tving (Kpop TV Show!)

K-Wave tving (Kpop TV Show!)

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K-Wave tving (Kpop TV Show!) 截图

K-Wave tving (Kpop TV Show!) K-Wave tving (Kpop TV Show!) K-Wave tving (Kpop TV Show!) K-Wave tving (Kpop TV Show!) K-Wave tving (Kpop TV Show!)

K-Wave tving (Kpop TV Show!) 描述

tving is the Korean HQ video service that provides live TV channels and VOD titles from various genres such as drama, sports, entertainment and movies.
Now you can enjoy popular Korean TV contents though K-wave tving from any place in the world!
[TV programs]

World No.1 K-pop chart show!  M-countdown

- The most cutting-edge K-pop music chart show where you can see the Korean music trend.
MUST by Do-hyun Yoon

- Concert of the most loved Korean songs with weekly themes
Variety of most-loved Korean TV programs such as K-pop, drama, reality programs and lifestyle shows are soon to be available in K-wave tving.

1) Viewing options available for magazine / thumbnail style
You can search for the contents with the 'page-flipping-magazine style' or the 'at-a-glance-thumbnail style' at your convenience.
2) Leaving coments available through Facebook or Twitter, while watching
If you find the video interesting, you can leave a comment or share the video with your friends through Facebook or Twitter while watching.
3) Find friends who's watching what you're watching! Above the player, you can see the friends' faces who's whatching what you're watching! You can learn more about the people through their profile showing on the player.
[Solving Problems]

1. If the application gets slower or does not work, please completely shut-down K-wave tving and other activated applications that you're not using from the task manager, and restart K-wave tving. 
K-wave tving officially does not support the following device.

- Galaxy Ace

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