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Indoor Cycling Coach LT

Indoor Cycling Coach LT

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Indoor Cycling Coach LT Indoor Cycling Coach LT Indoor Cycling Coach LT Indoor Cycling Coach LT

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Enjoy the benefits of an indoor cycling class in the convenient form of an Android application, with Indoor Cycling Coach. Build stamina, strength, speed and endurance, using routines designed to maximise the productivity of your workout.
Choose the routine type, choose the duration, choose a playlist of tunes...and then you're good to go. Indoor Cycling Coach will display the RPM at which you should be pedalling and the amount of resistance you should be using. Adjust the resistance level of your bike to the indicated degree of difficulty, and match your pedal speed with that of the on-screen wheel. Like a real indoor cycling class the instructions will change at set periods, to simulate the efforts required for, say, a gruelling up-hill climb, a thigh-burning sprint, or a simple, gentle warm-up.
The routines contained within Indoor Cycling Coach are dynamically generated, dependent on the type and duration of the routine you select. These routines were designed by Simon Reynolds, who, through the benefits of indoor cycling combined with a carefully controlled diet guided by the LighterLife* programme, shed 16 stone in 6 months. By practically halving his initial 33 stone body weight, Simon has become an ambassador for the world of indoor cycling, and Indoor Cycling Coach is his way of spreading the benefits to others.
* For more information on LighterLife, please visit www.lighterlife.com.
NB. Certain devices (for example, the Samsung Galaxy S2 pre ICS) have a default media player app which does not create music playlists correctly. This is a known flaw in these devices, which will mean that these playlists will not be available within Indoor Cycling Coach. The accepted workaround is to download an alternative media player application (we recommend Winamp Free) and use that to create your playlists instead. For more information please read: http://flemmingbob.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-samsung-galaxy-s2-wont-find-my.html
是动态生成的包含在室内单车教练例程,取决于您选择的程序的类型和持续时间。这些程序是由西蒙·雷诺兹,谁,通过室内单车结合精心控制饮食的LighterLife *引导程序的好处,棚6个月内16石设计制作。由几乎减半他最初的33石体重,西蒙已成为大使的室内自行车的世界,室内单车教练是他的蔓延带来的好处给他人的方式。
NB。某些设备(例如,三星Galaxy S2预ICS)有一个默认的媒体播放器应用程序不正确地创建音乐播放列表。这是一个已知的缺陷在这些设备中,这将意味着这些播放列表不会在室内单车教练可用。接受的解决方法是下载一个另类媒体播放器应用程序(我们推荐的Winamp免费),并用它来代替创建播放列表。欲了解更多信息,请阅读:http://flemmingbob.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-samsung-galaxy-s2-wont-find-my.html

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Latest android release permission fix for nexus series mobile phones. Improvements for image caching.

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运动健康 休闲时间 运动·健身
Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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