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Twisted Image (beta)

Twisted Image (beta)

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Twisted Image (beta) 截图

Twisted Image (beta) Twisted Image (beta) Twisted Image (beta) Twisted Image (beta) Twisted Image (beta) Twisted Image (beta) Twisted Image (beta) Twisted Image (beta)

Twisted Image (beta) 描述

Twisted Image is an application with basic image processing features; which enable you to modify images and then share or save them with other people or applications.
Click image for processing options: Greyscale; (true)rotate; flip; etc...
Long press image to: save; share; set as wallpaper; etc...
Please note that this application is currently in beta. Please e-mail if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions. twistedapps@twistedapps.org
Twisted Image current features:
Open Twisted Image via another Image viewing application like QuickPic or Android’s default Gallery
Open Twisted Image normally and it will ask you to select an image viewing application to select an image
Resize any image keeping the aspect ration or not. (jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, and non animated gif files)
** Resize image via slide bar or input text
Color picker; which is only currently used for setting wallpaper if your image cannot stretch to the default wallpaper size
Image processing options via single tap on a selected image
** Grey-scale
** Invert
** Binarization
** Histogram Equalization
** Gamma Correction
** Saturation
** Crop
** Flip Horizontal
** Flip Vertical
** Rotate - Clockwise
** Rotate- Counter Clockwise
Scroll images process for history
** Scroll right to navigate to original image
** Scroll left to navigate through history of image processing options
Long Click an image will present these options
** Delete the image from your sdcard and from the MediaStore database
** Image Info; which tries to retrieve information from the MediaStore database if it exits
** Save; which allows you to save an image to the /mnt/sdcard/TwistedImage directory
** Set as wallpaper; which provides different options to set wallpaper “Scrolling” only
** Share; share with other applications such as pascal or Facebook if they are installed
** Image Quality - This is in beta and is being worked currently, please be patient
** Force Size - provides automatic options to set a specific size for the image. Currently this just stretches the images but we are working on the overlay option which will not stretch the image. This option can be used for things such as creating Contact images without having to crop an image, or create avatar images.
** Image info; which tries to retrieve information from the MediaStore database if it exits
** Share; share with other applications such as Picasa or Facebook©(*) if they are installed
** Save; which allows you to save an image to the /mnt/sdcard/TwistedImage directory
** Clear cache; which clears all history processed images from disk and from the application
** Preferences
We are working a few new options
Pan/Zoom images
Collage images together
Paint brush
Other image processing options
(*)Facebook is a Registrared trademark of Facebook © Inc
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Crop Wallpaper; Set Wallpaper; Resize Wallpaper; Crop portrait; Crop landscape; Set Wallpaper portrait; Set Wallpaper landscape; Set Overall Wallpaper; Set Overall Image; Set Image as Wallpaper; Set as wallpaper; Set image as wallpaper; wallpaper settings; greyscale image; Auto resize wallpaper; Flip image; stretch image; mirror image; save wallpaper; resize image; share image; invert image; Histogram Equalization; Binary Image; Gamma Correction; Saturation; Binarize; Binarization; black & white image; auto resize image; scale image proportionate; aspect ratio;

Twisted Image (beta) 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Version (Beta) - Please e-mail if you are having any issues twistedapps@twistedapps.org


- Flip Vertical fixed

- Play store reported errors fixed

Note: working these things:

Wallpaper setting fix

Pinch Zoom - beta located here:


Twisted Image (beta) 历史版本

Twisted Image (beta) 使用技巧

Twisted Image (beta) 信息

摄影图像 美化
版本 (currently in beta)
Android 2.0.0 以上

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