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The Official Young Turks App

The Official Young Turks App

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The Official Young Turks App The Official Young Turks App The Official Young Turks App

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This is the official Young Turks Android app. The Young Turks (Winner – Webby Award 2011 People’s Choice for Best News & Politics Series) is the biggest online news show in the world with nearly ½ billion total views and 25+ million monthly views on YouTube alone. It launched as the first live, daily webcast on the internet in 2005 and has built up a huge and loyal following across the globe. It is a rare show that combines all of the news that people care about in one place, including political, pop culture, and sports news. Recently, TYT has expanded into a network of shows including TYT Sports, TYT University, and the hugely popular movie review show, What the Flick?! TYT airs on a number of platforms including, TheYoungTurks.com and YouTube.com/theyoungturks. The host, Cenk Uygur, is also a contributor for MSNBC and a favorite blogger on The Huffington Post. TYT's soaring popularity is due to Cenk's honesty and respect for his audience. He keeps the conversation real - no corporate or media bias, no partisan games, and no sugarcoating of the facts. His honest, irreverent, and insightful news commentary is a refreshing contrast with most of the mainstream media. TYT's audience, known as "The TYT Army", has provided tremendous financial, technical, and moral support over the years for which TYT is eternally grateful. The Young Turks for Android application lets you keep up with the latest videos on Youtube, follow the 'Turks on Twitter, as well as see what people are tweeting about TYT. Download the daily TYT podcast and get access to a huge selection of the clips from Cenk's soundboard! Please send all bug and issue reports to theyoungturks@googlegroups.com or to the developer directly at jkauzlar@hotmail.com. We cannot respond to comments left on the app store. In your email, please include a thorough description of your issue and include the type of phone and version of Android you are using. In your subject line, include the phrase 'TYT FOR ANDROID:' following by a summary of your issue.

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Android 4.1.x 以上
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