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University of Alberta

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University of Alberta University of Alberta University of Alberta University of Alberta University of Alberta University of Alberta

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The University of Alberta is now pocket-sized!
Check out the latest news and events!
Find latest course information!
Find where buildings are on campus along with food places and ETS bus stops!
And a whole lot more!
-> News: Stay up-to-date with the latest campus news or add your own news sources.
-> Events: Keep up-to-date with campus events and read about all the academic schedule deadlines.
-> Maps: Search or view campus buildings, food locations, and ETS bus/LRT stops. Use live location to find where you are on campus. Use Directions inside Maps to find your way from any location on campus to any location on north campus.
-> Courses: Interested in a course? Search for a course in any faculty or department and view its detailed information such as description, day, times and location.
-> Directory: Need to find your professor? Use the campus directory to find anyone; call/email or add them to your contacts.
-> Transit: Use the Transit to find out LRT times or Bus times on campus. Need to find out bus times for stops off campus? Use My Stops in Transit to add your own bus stops. Don't want to bookmark any bus stops? Most Viewed is provided for you to keep track of all your recent LRT/bus stops.
-> Library: View the University of Alberta mobile app. Find out information about each library such has contacts and hours.
-> Timetable: Log into Bear Tracks and grab your timetables and view them in a week view.
-> Emergency: In an emergency? Find out contacts and phone numbers in Emergency. Call the number right away from Emergency Contacts.
-> ONEcard: Look up your ONEcard account balance and deposit money into your account.
-> Bookmarks: Bookmark news articles, events, campus buildings, food locations, and ETS bus/LRT stops.

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