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Ubuntu One云存储

Ubuntu One云存储

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Ubuntu One云存储 Ubuntu One云存储 Ubuntu One云存储 Ubuntu One云存储 Ubuntu One云存储 Ubuntu One云存储

Ubuntu One云存储 描述

Your Personal Cloud
Ubuntu One gives you 5GB of free storage for all your files, photos and music, watch as they magically appear on all your devices. Ubuntu One works on Windows, iOS, Android, Ubuntu and via the web.
Your Photos
Auto upload - any photo you take will appear online and on all your devices, the instant you take it. The U1 Files app also automatically uploads images from other photo apps you use, so if you’re into Instagram, it will automatically upload all those cool images to your Ubuntu One personal cloud, making them available on all your devices.
Everyone’s Delight
Share easily with family, friends and colleagues. Link to Facebook, Twitter, Google and other networks.
* Auto-uploads photos to your Ubuntu One personal cloud
* Auto-uploads images from other photo apps
* Easy links for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google and other networks
* Browse, select and download files and folders
* Upload and share files from your phone
* Custom settings:
- Auto Upload only when charging
- Auto Upload also when roaming
- Selective gallery Auto Upload
- Cancelling uploads and downloads
Get started
An Ubuntu One Free account is needed - includes 5GB of storage for free. https://one.ubuntu.com
Need help? https://one.ubuntu.com/help/
If you can't sign in, please make sure your time zone and date & time are correct in your device settings. It is best to set them to Automatic.
To help us improve our service we need to track and report data from this app just like the websites do. We care about your privacy so this is anonymous and no sensitive data will ever be collected.
If you need help or want to report a problem please use the
Menu > Settings > 'Send feedback' option to contact us. We have no option to reply to your reviews on Google Play.

Ubuntu One云存储 更新内容

Maintenance update.
Notify when reauthentication needed.
Fix auto-upload roaming notification.
Removed the app widget/shortcut.

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系统工具 效率办公
Android 2.1.x 以上

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