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Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

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Rogers Smart Home Monitoring 描述

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re always connected to your home and your family. Rogers Smart Home Monitoring customers can use this application to securely view & control their system anytime, anywhere on a smartphone or tablet.
You can:
- Arm and disarm your system
- Lock and unlock your door with your smartphone
- View live camera feeds*
- Control connected lights** and thermostats***
- Check the current status of your system
- View system event history by date such as arm/disarm events and sensor/zone activity
- View camera feed that has motion detection****
- View camera feed in High Definition. All HD cameras are displayed in 16:9 aspect ratio*****
- Ability to enable and disable rules from the mobile application.
We've added several features that were previously only available in Web Control Centre,so now right in the application you can easily:
- Create and manage automations / rules to make your Smart Home even smarter
- Manage thermostat schedule to maximize the efficiency and comfort of your home***
- Create and manage security access codes
- View and edit Trusted Circle (Emergency contacts)
- Browse History / Activity, including a clickable calendar and event based filtering
- Enhanced camera viewing pages, including ability to save images and video clips from your Smart Home cameras*
- Tutorial in the app, so you can learn how to get the most out of this latest improvement
To support this app, you must be a current Rogers Smart Home Monitoring customer. Please call 1.866.848.7871 to sign up or learn more about Rogers Smart Home Monitoring.
*Only applicable if you have a camera in your home and subscribe to the Live Video Streaming.
**Only applicable if you have a lamp dimmer and/or appliance switch in your home and subscribe to Lighting and Appliance Control.
***Only applicable if you have a thermostat in your home and subscribe to Thermostat Control.
**** Only applicable if you have motion sensing camera that supports this feature
*****Only applicable if you have HD cameras.
- 布防和撤防系统
- 锁定和解锁你的门与智能手机
- 查看现场摄像头饲料*
- 控制连接灯和** ***恒温器
- 检查你的系统的当前状态
- 按日期,如手臂查看系统事件历史记录/撤防事件和传感器/区活动
- 具有移动侦测视摄像头饲料****
- 高清晰度视摄像头的饲料。所有的高清摄像机都显示在16:9宽高比*****
- 能够启用和禁用从移动应用程序规则。
- 创建和管理自动化/​​原则,让你的智能家居更聪明
- 管理温控器时间表,最大限度地提高您家的效率和舒适***
- 创建和管理安全接入码
- 查看和编辑信任环(紧急联系方式)
- 浏览历史记录/活动,其中包括一个可点击的日历和基于事件的过滤
- 增强的摄像头观看页面,包括储存图像和视频短片从智能家居摄像机的能力*
- 教程中的应用程序,让您可以学习如何充分利用这个最新的改进

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring 更新内容

We have created a whole new and improved mobile user experience for Smart Home customers! A new customisable home screen, allowing you to re-order devices how you want to see them, along with live camera views and individual devices for quick access.

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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