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Update My Apps

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Update My Apps Update My Apps Update My Apps

Update My Apps 描述

Android Market(tm) helper app.

Want to know what the curious “Manual updates”,“Update (manual)” and worrying “Permissions changed” messages in Android Market mean? e.g...

Permission has changed for 6 of 13 apps with updates available.
Press OK to update 7 apps with no permissions changes.
Please open remaining apps from the list to approve new permission and start update.

This app shows you what's changed!

- On starting "Update My Apps", you'll see a list of all your installed apps.
- Simply click one to see the differences between your current (on-device) version and the latest Market version (coloured light-red for "added", light-green "removed" & grey "unchanged" permissions).
- Clicking a permission will show you the official Android explanation.

It also shows you the apps’ own description of the changes, the version number you have installed the one you’ll get from the Market if you update along with a button to take you to the Market.

This app is not a replacement for Android Market(tm) -- it is a helper to make updating your applications easier.

This is an initial beta version. We've got some great updates planned already and are actively seeking feedback. For planned features (such as showing only update-pending apps with an "Update now" link) and to suggest others, please see the app's webpage http://goo.gl/4YWqU (link below).

Please support development with feedback -- positive reviews and comments in our forum: https://groups.google.com/group/ugs-support ( http://goo.gl/I88VO )

This app's permissions explanation:
- Query Google's Android Market for you with Google account: GET_ACCOUNTS & USE_CREDENTIALS
- Connect to Market and get adverts: INTERNET
- Detect offline/airplane mode: ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
- User can choose whether to send crash reports including 200 lines of system logs: READ_LOGS

Like many, this app uses anonymous usage tracking and optional crash reporting. For full details, please see the developer's website (link below or http://goo.gl/W4KbF ).

Update My Apps 更新内容


0.3.2 & 0.3.1 beta:

Improve Android 2.2 compatibility.

0.3 beta:

Include the application's "Recently changed in this version" text...

...so you can quickly understand what you're getting.

Button to take you to app's Market entry...

...to quickly update or to feedback about the outrageous permissions ;-)

Easier package list navigation.

Faster, more stable & more compatible

(see http://goo.gl/otVOb for full techie changelog).

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Update My Apps 信息

 0.3.2 beta
Android 2.2.x 以上

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