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Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player

Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player

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Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player

Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player 描述

Ulduzsoft presents the most feature-complete Karaoke player for Android. Supports all popular Karaoke lyrics formats, including CD+G (CDG), LRC, UltraStar, KaraFun (KFN), KOK, PowerKaraoke text files, and KAR/MIDI with embedded lyrics. Supports regional character encoding, can play lyrics in languages other than English.
This application provides the powerful collection management, supporting multiple Karaoke collections, both local and remote. It is a player only, and is intended for those users who already have the song collection and want a good quality player. You can purchase the Karaoke songs from Amazon and make the lyrics using the free Karaoke Lyrics Editor.
The lyrics customization is also impressive: you can change all the attributes for the text lyrics, from the font size to the colors. You can also show the background image from your Gallery, either a selected one or a random one. This works even for CD+G lyrics!
Karaoke Player was developed with the tablet users in mind, and provides a different layout which utilizes the larger screens provided by the tablets.
The free version is ad-sponsored (the ads DO NOT cover the lyrics). A paid license is available as "Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player Paid" and once purchased will remove all ads.
Permissions: the Internet and Access Network State permissions are required by the Google Ads and Analytics component. Internet is also used if you set up the remote collection. WAKE_LOCK is needed to keep the screen on during the song play.
Ulduzsoft提出了功能最齐全的卡拉OK播放器为Android。支持所有流行的卡拉OK歌词格式,包括CD + G(CDG),LRC,ULTRASTAR,KaraFun(KFN),KOK,PowerKaraoke文本文件,并嵌入歌词KAR / MIDI。支持区域性的字符编码​​,可以在英语以外的语言播放的歌词。
歌词定制也令人印象深刻:您可以为文本歌词所有的属性,从字体大小改变颜色。您也可以从您的画廊展示的背景图像,无论是选择了一个或一个随机。这个工程即使是CD + G歌词!
权限:互联网,接入网络状态权限由谷歌广告和分析组件所需。互联网也被用来如果你设置了远程采集。 WAKE_LOCK需要的歌曲播放期间,以保持在屏幕上。

Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player 更新内容

Fixed the Marshmallow issue. Please accept my apologies for the delay of this release due to personal circumstances.

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Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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