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** PLEASE NOTE: Application requires a paid subscription to Pediatric Care Online **
** NEW users interested in Pediatric Care Online, please visit www.pediatriccareonline.org **
Pediatric Care Online – American Academy of Pediatrics
Published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and powered by Unbound Medicine, Pediatric Care Online delivers fast, to-the-point guidance on the clinical problems pediatricians face in everyday practice.
Pediatric Care Online allows you to quickly access multiple pediatric resources and clinical tools on your iPhone/iPod touch and the web. This comprehensive resource contains point-of-care disease and symptom references, a pediatric drug guide, health supervision guidelines, time-saving clinical tools, continuous updates, the latest news and more.
Now pediatric primary care professionals can refer to one convenient, up-to-date resource for immediate expert help with virtually every clinical information need.
Multiple resources in one application!
[Pediatric Drug Lookup]
Medications by brand or generic name with pediatric administration and dosing.
[Point-of-Care Quick Reference]
Over 240 topics on the most common pediatric conditions.
[Bright Futures and Pocket Guide]
Complete health supervision guidelines that make the most of well-child visits
[Interactive Periodicity Schedule]
Preventive screening and recommended actions for well-child visits
[Signs & Symptoms Search]
A diagnostic index based on selected signs and symptoms
[Antimicrobial Therapy Guide]
Exclusive quick reference to antimicrobial agents and drug classes.
[News and Pediatric Care Updates]
Ongoing developments in pediatric medicine, delivered regularly to your device.
Pediatric Care Online for Android features:
- Multiple time-saving clinical tools and resources
- Cross links to related content
- Continuous updates and the latest news
- Customized interface for Android
- Web and mobile access

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