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Car Horns & Sounds

Car Horns & Sounds

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Car Horns & Sounds Car Horns & Sounds Car Horns & Sounds

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Plays 12 different types of honking horn sounds: 9 car horns and 3 bonus horns. Annoy and entertain your friends!

New in Version 3: Save any car horn as a ringtone or a notification sound!

Just long press on the car or truck you'd like to have as your ringtone, and when the context menu pops up choose either "Set as Ringtone" or "Set as Notification"

Car Horns in sounds is a free, ad-supported, application designed for children and adults of all ages. It features 12 unique honking horn sounds: car horns, truck horns, even a boat horn. Any of the sounds can be saved as a ringtone by long pressing on the corresponding icon.

We'd love to hear feedback! If there's a car or truck sound that you'd like to see in a later version let us know, and we'll see what we can do to find it.

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Save any sound as a ringtone or notification ringtone by long-pressing on the icon.

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Android 1.6.0 以上
United Cheddar

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