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Talking Reminder

Talking Reminder

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Talking Reminder

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Your Personal Assistant who reminds you your important task with voice

Welcome to new World of application named as "TALKING REMAINDER", gives you some exicting features...


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In Today's life, everybody are busy and have many task to do in a day. Sometimes people fell that they forget the Important Task so every body needs a Personal Assistance. Something who remind you your Important task.

We are happy to Presenting this App Named Smart Talking Reminder. Its your P.A and reminder you your Important Task

How It Works
Just you need to set your reminder. No field is compulsory Set the Date on Time Format DD/MM/YYYY and Set the Time. (AM/PM) Click on Record (YES/NO) Button, once you do that then there is the Record Button Now click on Record Button and Record your task with your own vice . then press stop button. and then Click on Set Reminder. It will play a message Reminder is set that is the confirmation on your reminder. Now go and sleep well because reminder is going to remind you your Task.

f you want to know more, than ABOUT US which share some more details. Again, Exit will close the help.

If you find any bug or problem you can mail us on android@unmatchedsolutions.com, surely we will fix them and get back to you....
And we most welcome your suggetions you can mail on the given Email Id.

We are continuously launching new free application so keep check on Amazon market
and We continuous launch a new version of each and every application by some period of time with More Features... so please continuously keep check on Android Market

Thank you very much for using our application and for your kind support....

Detail Help Is Available With the Product Help menu.

Please use DD/MM/YYYY format to set the date.
• Unlmited Reminder
• Change Reminder Time And Date From List
• Detailed Help Menu
• Greetings From App when you play your Recorded Task
• Record With Your Own Voice
• No Compulsory Filed
• Tag you Reminder with Title And Description
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This Release Contains Add Free Unlimited Reminde

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Android 1.6.0 以上
Unmatched Solutions Pvt Ltd

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