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Weather radar in your pocket!
Use RadarNow! to quickly see an animated radar image and current conditions! No digging through menus to see if a storm is on the way!
RadarNow! provides National Weather Service (NWS) Enhanced Radar "Base" (N0R) images from the NOAA WSR-88D NEXRAD Radar sites located around the US. Radar images are downloaded directly from NWS servers so are always the most current available. When you start the app, the radar images are from the site closest to your location.
New Clutter suppression feature added in version 6.3!
Now on iTunes! Get RadarNow! for your iPad and iPhone.
NWS Alerts included with the free mode starting in v4.0. Only alerts issued to the your current county are sent and the alerts can be filtered so only the ones that interest you are used.
RadarNow! is a free download with access to Premium features. Use the FREE Standard version to monitor your local radar and receive NWS Alerts or choose to upgrade through the app to Premium if you want to activate the enhanced features. You may try the premium features with our free 5 day trial or purchase premium access for $5.99 for a "RadarNow! Lifetime" pass.
The 5 day free trial gives you free access to the premium features. Once the 5 day trial has passed, the app reverts back to the free "standard" mode. You will not be charged to use the free trial under any circumstances.
RadarNow! is designed to be fast, efficient and have great free options. If you want a full featured weather app that shows things like ski conditions or tide reports, we suggest using WeatherBug or Weather Channel. RadarNow! Standard (Free) provides animated radar, local conditions and NWS Alerts centered on your current location. Radar Now! Premium provides more zoom levels, range rings, selectable locations and a pannable map of the continental US with a looping weather radar.
RadarNow! uses US radars only, therefore is active for entire U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and areas of Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean that border the U.S. New! Canadian radars are now in experimental mode.
Please use the "Contact us" form inside RadarNow! (menu-setting-contact us) if you encounter a problem or have a suggestion for improvement.
We value your input! It was suggestions and constructive critiques from users just like you that led to the new, improved RadarNow!.
This new version of RadarNow! was created by USNaviguide in cooperation with Mighty Pocket.
RadarNow!提供了从位于美国各地的NOAA WSR-88D新一代天气雷达雷达站雷达增强“基地”(N0R)图像国家气象局(NWS)。雷达图像直接从NWS服务器下载所以总是最当前可用。当你启动应用程序,雷达图像是从最接近你的位置的网站。
RadarNow!是一个免费下载访问高级功能。如果您要激活的增强功能可以使用免费的标准型监视本地雷达和接收NWS警告或选择通过应用高级升级。您可以尝试的高级功能与我们的游离5天试用或购买价格为$ 5.99一“RadarNow!终身”高级访问通过。
RadarNow!被设计成快速,高效,有很大的自由选择。如果你想要一个功能齐全的天气应用程序,显示之类的东西滑雪条件或潮的报道,我们建议您使用的WeatherBug和天气频道。 RadarNow!标准(免费)提供了动画雷达,因地制宜,NWS快讯中心您的当前位置。雷达现在! Premium提供更多的缩放级别,范围戒指,可选择的地点和美国大陆的可平移地图,包含循环气象雷达。
请使用“联系我们”表单内RadarNow! (菜单 - 设置 - 联系我们),如果你遇到问题或有改进的建议。

雷达 更新内容

6.1.219 Release for bug fixes
6.0.218 Minor release for bug fixes
6.0.217 This is a major release with improvements throughout RadarNow!.
Improvements in performance. Loads faster, uses less memory.
Adopt Lollipop design guidelines.
Map now scales with to the density of the screen. No more unreadable city names!
New "Current conditions" box that changes when the map is moved.
Temperature bubbles now show in free mode!
New NWS Alert system! Faster, more efficient and accurate.

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生活实用工具 天气
Android 2.3 以上
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