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Artemis Lite 介绍

Artemis is an Archery performance and monitoring app for both the (semi)professional archer and the trainer/coach.
Artemis is used at World Championships and other international events, Olympic training centers and Regional training centers since 2012 by National teams and members of National teams from the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Austria, and including top-archers and coaches like;
Sjef van den Berg, Peter Elzinga, Mike Schloesser, Wietse van Alten, Emiel Custers, Ron van der Hoff, Mitch Dielemans, Irina Markovic, Martine Couwenberg, Thomas van Eil, Inge Enthoven, and many others!
With Artemis you can record your score and plot your arrows, but it can do much, much more. Archery has (or actually always was) a game of statistics, and this app can helps you with the statistical analysis to become a better archer.
For recurve or compound, target or field, archer or trainer/coach, Artemis offers you the tools to improve your or your athletes' performance.
ArtemisLite is free to use. Upgrading to Premium will unleash all analysis potential and an upgrade to Coached is perfect for the close cooperation between athletes and coaches or for National Teams.
Artemis is developed by Marcel van Apeldoorn; a former international archer, aerospace researcher, software developer, and a coach of the National Team of the Netherlands. Artemis is tested in many international events; Worldcups, European and World Championships.
With Artemis, you can;
Record your setups
- Use different bows, sights, setups, quivers with different arrows
- Store lots of different tuning parameters for each setup, compound or recurve
Match creation
- Create custom matches, any number of ends with any number of arrows
- Use QR tags to create and share your rounds/matches
- Many target faces (World-Archery, Field, GNAS, IFAA, IBO, NFAA, etc)
Record your matches and training sessions
- Full screen, intuitive and fast, different ways to record your scores, for a single archer or multiple archers
- Indicates the scoring value for correct placement
- Easy position shots when misplaced
- Record shot ratings (to filter out the obvious bad shots)
- Record shot timing
- Identify which arrow was shot
During matches, Artemis can advice you on;
- Sight adjustement. The app will detect trends in movement of groups and will very accurately advice in sight adjustements
- Arrow consistency. The app will alert you when an arrow starts to hitting outside of the group, so you can replace it with a different arrow
- Review your color coded scorecard with lots of extra information
- Review your grouping and the trend of your grouping
- Review the individual arrow performances/grouping
After match performance analysis
- Plot your scores in time
- Plot your average scoring
- Plot your volumes per week or month
- Make scatter plots of shot timing vs accuracy achieved (gives in indication of how important shot timing is for you)
- Compare almost anything; build your own filters to compare different archers, bows, setups, different quivers, or individual arrows
- Compare shots on different target faces shot on different distances with each other
- Compare different archers, bows, arrows on a single target face or on a so-called 4-view (4 target faces at the same time)
And many more
- Share your results on facebook or email your coach with end-by-end face plots and scorecards
- No internet access required
- Keep your data private, or share it with your coach
- Backup and restore your database (on the device itself or on Google Drive)
- Import someone else database
- Show your matches on a world map
It's not an easy app... but neither is becoming a top archer. You need to put in the effort and then Artemis will play an important role in your Archery!
的Sjef范登伯格,彼得Elzinga,迈克施勒塞尔,Wietse面包车阿尔顿,Emiel Custers,罗恩·范德·霍夫,米奇Dielemans,伊琳娜·马尔科维奇,马丁Couwenberg,托马斯面包车EIL,英格昂托旺,与其他许多!
阿尔忒弥斯是由马塞尔·范阿珀尔多伦开发;前国际射手,航空航天研究,软件开发和荷兰国家队的教练。阿蒂米斯在许多国际赛事测试; Worldcups,欧洲和世界锦标赛。
- 使用不同的弓,景点,设置,用颤抖的箭头不同
- 存储许多不同的调节参数的每个设置,化合物或反曲弓
- 创建自定义比赛中,任何数量的末端与任意数量的箭
- 使用QR代码来创建和共享您的发/匹配
- 许多目标面(世界射箭,现场,GNAS,IFAA,IBO,NFAA等)
- 全屏幕,直观,快​​速,不同的方式来记录你的分数,对于一个射手或弓箭手多
- 表示正确的位置得分值
- 当易​​错位拍摄位置
- 记录拍摄评级(过滤掉明显的坏球)
- 记录出手时机
- 确定哪些箭头被枪杀
- 景观adjustement。该应用程序会检测趋势群体运动,将视线adjustements非常准确地指点
- 箭一致性。该应用程序会提醒您,当一个箭头开始击球组外,这样你就可以用不同的箭头取代它
- 有很多额外的信息查看您的颜色编码的记分卡
- 查看您的分组和您的分组趋势
- 查看单个箭头表演/分组
- 情节时你的分数
- 绘制你的平均得分
- 绘制每星期或一个月您的卷
- 让出手时机VS实现的精确度散点图(如何出手的重要时机的指示给是给你的)
- 比较几乎所有的东西;建立你自己的过滤器来比较不同的弓箭手,弓箭,设置不同的颤抖,或个别箭头
- 比较在不同的目标镜头面上彼此不同距离拍摄
- 比较单一目标面部不同的弓箭手,弓箭或所谓的四视图(4目标面临着在同一时间)
- 分享至Facebook搜索结果,或与最终通过端面图和记分卡通过电子邮件发送你的教练
- 无需网络连接
- 让您的私人数据,或者与你的教练分享
- 备份和还原数据库(设备本身或谷歌驱动器中)
- 导入别人数据库
- 显示在世界地图上你的比赛

Artemis Lite 更新内容

Version 3.8.2 'Rio 2016'
GOOD LUCK!!!! To all archers competing in the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio!
What's new?
* French translation files improved and completed.
* Personal Best extended to all rounds and much improved layout.
* Personal Best lists highest practice vs competition scores.
* Changed permissions of location updates.
* Small issues solved in Rounds
* Added database maintenance TOO_MANY_SERIES_IN_MATCH in database options.


 3.11 Kings Of Archery 2016
Android 4.0.3 以上


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