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Student Tracker Student Tracker Student Tracker Student Tracker Student Tracker Student Tracker

Student Tracker 描述

An Advanced Student Timetable, Grades and Exams tracking Application.

★ Description
Student tracker is an advanced student timetable and grades tracking application with additional features like scheduling exam alerts. It also comes with a home screen widget which can be configured to show either the current weekday's timetable or the current semester's exams. This is the first and the only free android application available in the android market with these many pre-loaded features.

★ Key Features
+ Manage individual semester subjects.
+ Configure timetable for each semester.
+ Customize grade points based on your current institution's grading system.
+ Easy grades assignment and CGPA calculation in one touch.
+ Add exams and schedule pre-exam alerts.
+ Easy switching between different windows with pre-defined menu shortcuts.
+ Transparent and glossy home screen widget.
+ Maintain and track the grades of your friends with different profiles.
+ Simple, efficient and easy to use glossy user interface.
+ Application movable to sdcard.

★ Key Words
- "Student organizer" - "Student Timetable" - "Student planner" - "Exams Scheduler" - "Grades tracker" - "CGPA calculator" - "Timetable planner" - "College Marks" - "College Timetable" - "Subjects Manager" - "Profile manager" - "Semester Manager" - "School Timetable".

★ Feedback
For bugs/issues, kindly send a bug report with your name & email id to 'varzeon@gmail.com'. You will be intimated once the issue has been resolved and a new version is available.

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★ Recent Fixes

+ Help window test alignment bug on High resolution devices

+ Cancelling previously scheduled exam alert feature implemented

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Student Tracker 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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