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Power of Cheering

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Power of Cheering Power of Cheering Power of Cheering Power of Cheering Power of Cheering

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The power of cheering by Vattenfall
The must-have app for the Alpine Ski World Championships! The power of cheering by Vattenfall lets you cheer your country to victory and challenge your friends to a duel! Choose from cowbell, ratchet and bullhorn. The faster and harder you shake your phone, the more you cheer and the better chance you have of winning those precious medals.
In the Cheer mode you compete for your country. By cheering with the cowbell, ratchet or bullhorn, you contribute with energy to your national team in the competition with every other nation on the FIS ski tour. Excel in categories Most generated energy, Biggest fan, Most oscillations, Longest cheering, Coldest location and Most energetic. Compete for medals daily!
In the Challenge mode you compete with your friends in a 10 second cheering duel. Choose from cowbell, ratchet and bullhorn and get to it. Most energy generated wins!
Vattenfall is the official sponsor of Swedish skiing and the International Ski Federation. Vattenfall also contributes to skiing with its product: electricity. It makes lifts operate and measuring instruments function. It illuminates slopes and snow cannons fill the slopes with snow, so you can train whenever you want. Quite simply, it’s electricity for winter sports.
Vattenfall – Pioneering solutions for everyday life.

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