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King of the Slope

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King of the Slope King of the Slope King of the Slope King of the Slope King of the Slope King of the Slope

King of the Slope 描述

For your own safety and that of others be careful and take it easy in the slopes.
The must-have app for the competitive alpine skier! Track your runs,
challenge your friends and compete to become King of the Slope!
With King of the Slope you have a tracking tool that collects data
about your skiing, wherever and whenever you ski. The app tracks how
much vertical drop you gather, your speed, what distance you cover and
your altitude. Use it to track and analyze your own skiing or choose to
go social and challenge your Facebook friends or the whole ski resort!
With thousands of well-known ski resorts already in the database and
with the ability to suggest and add new resorts, you can use the app
all over the world. Alpine skiing has never been more social, fun and
- Track your ski runs with GPS-functionality optimized for skiing.
- Challenge your friends and follow their progress in the app.
- All your skiing in one single app – works in all ski resorts.
- Works without data connection and can be run in the background.
You can create and compete against your friends in pre-defined
challenges: Most vertical drop, Longest distance or Highest altitude.
The challenges can be private or public. To create a private challenge
you start by deciding what type of challenge you want to compete in and
for how long it should last. Then invite your friends to participate.
It’s that simple. And if you want to, you can bet and decide in advance
the reward for the winner and the appropriate penalty for the loser!
In the public challenge you can compete against other King of the Slope
participants at the ski resort you’re currently in. Join and compete to
become King of the Slope. It’s your chance to own the mountain.
Are you ready to let your achievements on the slopes be scrutinized by
your friends, your ski resort or by the whole world?
Vattenfall is the official sponsor of the International Ski Federation.
Vattenfall also contributes to skiing with electricity to make lifts
operate, light up the slopes, measuring instruments function and snow
cannons fill the slopes with snow. All so that you can get the best out of
your skiing. Quite simply, it’s energy for winter sports.
Vattenfall – Energy for winter sports.
King of the Slope is optimized to work on the latest generation of
Android smartphones during an entire day with a fully loaded battery
(fluctuations in battery performance can occur dependent on age and
quality of device). Please note that all GPS usage drastically shortens
battery life compared to normal usage.
The application works without a data connection on the mountain. Data
is automatically stored to servers when connection is resumed.
The mobile works in the background, even if it’s locked or when you’re
talking, messaging or taking photos. Please note that the application
uses the GPS even when it’s running in the background.
The application data is dependent of the quality of the GPS signal and
the GPS hardware. Different types of devices have different hardware.
While the application works on all Android smartphones with built-in
GPS, it is optimized for the latest generation Android smartphones.
This application is not sponsored or administered by Android or
Facebook. Users share info and data with Vattenfall and not with
Android or Facebook.

King of the Slope 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Your total generated energy during the day are shown in the Tracker.

- Highest speed is removed.

- Improved syncing of log data.

- General stabilization of the software.

- You can still challenge your friends in vertical drop, distance and altitude.

- Continue to compete with your friends to become King of the Slope!

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King of the Slope 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上

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