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MassCops Mobile MassCops Mobile MassCops Mobile MassCops Mobile

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MassCops is a law enforcement portal intended for sworn police officers and civilian law enforcement officials as well as those interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

The members of MassCops have been providing an informational network for Massachusetts police officers and public safety officials since 1998. The site has become a popular law enforcement web portal for many Massachusetts law enforcement personnel. We would appreciate your continued help in spreading the word about our law enforcement friendly community.

The website contains law enforcement related content such as, officer training information, law enforcement career postings, police agency contact information, news and special police related events pertinent to the law enforcement community here in the "Bay State" and surrounding New England area.

With MassCops Mobile, you can access MassCops.com forums directly from your Android device. - Send and receive PM's - Access and post to the most recent discussions - Read and post to MassCops blogs and articles - View MassCops profiles - Customize your MassCops mobile account anywhere, anytime

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Just some fixes in v 1.1.2

These changes are to rectify a few outstanding bugs, as well as to support new and upcoming functionality in the mobile applications

*No description of profile fields on profile page

*Android App does not support forum passwords

*Can't upload avatar via android app.

*Image attachements/Video not viewable in articles

*Unable to post a new thread,new post and a new article

*BB Code does not work

*Refresh content

*Hide Virtual Keyboard by Default

*Install to SD Card

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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