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VCOrganizer, the Best Android Outlook Sync App, allows for secure storage of important notes, tasks, contacts and events. It sync with Outlook client using USB, WiFi or Bluetooth.
VCOrganizer Lite is a 14 days trial version, you can still use the app after the trial period but Outlook Sync will be disabled.
If you need to sync with more than one Outlook clients, please try the VCOrganizer Enterprise+.
For more, please visit
- Sync Outlook Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Events, Categories
- Sync with Outlook using USB*,WiFi, Bluetooth**
- Remote or Real-time sync with Outlook over internet.
- Built-in Chat app, which allows user to share items to multiple devices or friends.
- Support Attachments for Notes, Tasks, Contacts and Events.
- Advanced reminder features such as Auto Snooze, Custom Voice reminder ..etc.
- Password and Pattern lock
- AES Encryption
- Backup/Restore from SD card
- Web Portal for accessing VCO contents on your phone from the browser on your PC.
- SmartLinks which links contacts, notes, tasks, events together
- Universal search
- Share Notes, Tasks, Contacts and Events to other apps.
- Notes/Tasks/Events/Contacts Widgets
- Notes/Tasks/Calendar/Contacts Shortcuts
- Build-in Notes, Tasks, Calendar and Contacts App, it also sync with Android Contacts and Android Calendar on your device.
- AutoSync and AutoBackup ***
- Advanced Filter (e.g: Contacts in Category A or B, and with keywords in notes "XYZ")
- Create/edit recurring event (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly, no end date, end by occurrences, and end by date) . The recurring pattern can be synced back to Outlook.
Occurs every 2 day(s) effective 27 Dec 2011 until 27 Dec 2012 from 10:00am to 11:00am
Occurs every Tuesday,Friday effective 27 Dec 2011 until 27 Dec 2012 from 10:00am to 11:00am
Occurs day 27 of every 2 month(s) effective 27 Dec 2011 until 27 Dec 2012 from 10:00am for 2 days
Occurs the third Tueday of every 3 month(s) effective 27 Dec 2011 until 27 Dec 2012 from 10:00am to 11:00am
Occurs every 2year(s) on January 17 effective 27 Dec 2011 until 27 Dec 2012 from 10:00am to 11:00
Occurs the second Tuesday of January effective 27 Dec 2011 from 10:00am for 2 hours
- Support MS Outlook Client 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013, 2016 (32bit, 64bit)
This app supports all the languages, and with the following user interfaces:
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Traditional / Simplified)
* This is optional and you can purchase USB Extension module from Market.
** This is optional and you can purchase Bluetooth extension module please search VCO-BluetoothExt from Market
*** This is optional and you can purchase the AutoSync Extension, please search VCOrganizer AutoSync from the market
The Lite version allows you to test the Outlook sync with WiFi, USB or Bluetooth. It also allows you to have a look and feel of VCOrganizer.
In Lite version, contacts and events will be synced to the VCO Contacts App and VCO Calendar App only. You won't see your contacts and events in Android Contacts App or Android Calendar App. The Pro version will remove this limitation.
**** Note:
1) If you have any problem, please visit our forum or send email to support at support@vecal.biz :
2) Products comparison table: http://www.vecal.biz/product_comp.htm
3) Support: support@vecal.biz
- 同步Outlook任务,便笺,联系人,事件,分类
- 同步与Outlook使用USB *,WiFi,蓝牙**
- 远程或实时同步与Outlook通过互联网。
- 内置的聊天应用程序,它允许用户共享项目到多个设备或朋友。
- 对便笺,任务,联系人和活动支持附件。
- 先进的提醒功能,如自动贪睡,自定义语音提示..等。
- 密码和图案锁
- AES加密
- 备份/ SD存储卡中恢复
- 门户网站的访问VCO内容在手机上的浏览器在PC上。
- SmartLinks哪个环节联系人,便笺,任务,活动起来
- 通用搜索
- 分享笔记,任务,联系人和事件到其他应用程序。
- 注/任务/活动/联系人小工具
- 注/任务/日历/联系人快捷键
- 内置的便笺,任务,日历和联系人应用程序,它也与Android联系人和日历的Andr​​oid设备上同步。
- 自动同步和自动备份***
- 高级过滤器(如:联系人A类或B,并在附注“XYZ”关键字)
- 创建/编辑经常性事件(每日/每周/每月/每年,没有结束日期,结束由发生和最终按日期)。循环模式可以同步回Outlook中。
- 支持微软的Outlook客户端2003,2007,2010和2013年,2016年(32位,64位)
在精简版的版本,联系人和事件将被同步到VCO联系人应用程序,只VCO日历应用程序。你不会看到您的联系人和活动Android的联系人应用程序或Android日历应用程序。 Pro版本将删除此限制。
**** 注意:

VCOrganizer Lite 更新内容

Release 436
1. Enhance Contacts App UI
2. Auto save draft when editing notes (including task note, event note and contact note). You can re-apply last unsaved note.
Please visit our blog for details:
Download SyncCenter and VCOrganizer AddIn:

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Android 1.5 以上
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