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Battery Spy allows you to monitor your Android device's battery level by reporting the current percentage, and providing more detailed information such as charge rate, temperature, voltage and usage times. The current battery percentage level is displayed on the notification bar. Additional statistics are shown in the notification bar pull down, and even more insight into your battery charge and usage history in the main application screen.
Battery Spy works simply by gathering battery statistics that are already available in the Android OS. What you see is what the OS reports. Battery Spy gathers up the information, organizes it, then displays it in a graph and tables for you. It also uses the information to give you an estimate of time left on battery or to full charge. Statistics are gathered and saved over a settable number of days so you can review them at any time.
Key features include:
1. Support for multiple battery profiles so you can differentiate between OEM or backup (after market) batteries, and different usage styles such as work, weekends and vacation. Create as many profiles as you want and quickly switch between them. This feature is available during the trial period, then only with the full license after.
2. Enable notifications for when the battery level rises above or falls below a settable percentage. This feature is available during the trial period, then only with the full license after.
3. Enable notifications for when the battery temperature rises above or falls below a settable degree. This feature is available during the trial period, then only with the full license after.
4. Quick access to settings that directly affect battery use so you don't have to hunt them down when you need them
5. Tap on the statistics table to go directly to the Android Battery Use screen.
6. Configurable graph that supports both 2D and 3D presentations.
7. Low CPU and resource consumption to not add (too much) to battery drain.
8. Run as a service when phone starts up, or manually.
Try Battery Spy free for 10 days and keep using it after the trial period as a free license with reduced functionality, or purchase the full license to unlock the application to its full functionality. Even without the full license features, Battery Spy still provides a rich feature set for the casual user.
Please keep the comments coming. Your input really helps to make the software better. If you have bugs or concerns, please email cmai@vertiform.com and it will be handled promptly. Thanks!
Permissions Requested by Battery Spy and why
* Battery Statistics - Battery Spy does not alter your system's battery statistics in anyway, it just reports what it sees.
* Control of Vibrator - Used as feedback when interacting with the UI
* Start at Reboot - By default Battery Spy will start when your device starts. You can turn this option off in preferences.
* Full Internet Access - Battery Spy uses the Application Crash Report for Android (ACRA) library published by Google Code. When a crash occurs, you will be presented with the option to send a bug report to us. Only when you submit the bug report is internet access used. Otherwise, Battery Spy does not access the internet during its normal operation.
*电池统计 - 电池间谍不会改变系统的电池统计信息,无论如何,它只是报告它所认为。
*振动控制 - 与UI交互时用作反馈
*开始在重新启动 - 默认情况下电池间谍设备启动时将启动。您可以在首选项中关闭此选项。
*完整的互联网接入 - 电池间谍使用由谷歌代码的Andr​​oid出版(ACRA)库的应用程序崩溃的报告。当碰撞发生时,您将看到发送错误报告给我们的选项。只有当你提交bug报告是用来上网。否则,电池谍不正常操作时访问互联网。

电池间谍 更新内容

Version 1.7, Revision 21 Release Notes
* Added backwards compatibility with Android 2.1.x.
Version 1.6, Revision 20 Release Notes
* Added support for Wireless Charge mode

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Android 2.1.x 以上
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