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★ Winner of the Mobile App Award 2012
★ 2nd place in the "Best App Ever Award" for Trivia Games 2011 - bestappever.com
★ Features ★
▷ Captivating Singleplayer mode
▷ Worldwide highscore
▷ Hall of fame
▷ Multiplayer mode with up to 4 Players on one device
▷ Players can join active multiplayer games
▷ 2 game modes (Classic / Multiple Choice)
▷ Create your own Quiz
▷ 4500+ questions (challenging)
▷ Choose between 8 different categories
▷ Single and multiple correct answers
▷ Playable in english, german, spanisch & french
▷ Permanent Question update
▷ Share questions with other Users
▷ No Advertisements
★ Singleplayer ★
The Singleplayer mode challenges you through a unique mix of knowledge, speed and tactics. Answer the questions as fast as possible and gain combos through multiple correct answers in a row. Use Jokers in critical situations and level up to maximize your score to become the QuisrMaster of the month!
★ Joker ★
▷ Freeze - Stop the countdown for a short time
▷ Kick - Remove up to 2 wrong answers from the screen
▷ Skip - Go to the next question without losing your combo
★ myQuisr ★
▷ Look at your Profile
▷ Look at the Highscores
▷ Create your own Quiz
▷ Help widen the question pool by sharing brilliant questions
▷ Keep a high standard by approving or declining shared questions after checking their spelling & correctness
▷ Use myQuisr also in your Browser! (Doesn't work with IE)
★ Game Mode Classic - Multiplayer ★
Score points by pressing your Buzzer, when the answer displayed is matching the question. Try to be faster than your competitors and get even more points if a question has multiple correct answers, indicated by the amount of bars in the middle of the splitting strip.
★ Game Mode Multiple Choice - Multiplayer ★
Press your Buzzer, when you think you know the answer to the question displayed. Score points by selecting the correct answer/s before the time runs out. If you are wrong all other players will score points instead of you.
★ Language selection ★
What could be better to learn a different language other than playing a Quiz game with it? That´s right - nothing :) Just select one of the available languages in the Quisr settings and get started straight away!
★ Categories ★
history, geography, sports & games, art & literature, science & technology, biology, entertainment and miscellaneous
★ Why Quisr ★
Quisr is the new way of playing Quiz games. It offers a captivating singleplayer mode with a world wide highscore, a multiplayer mode with up to 4 players on one device and the possibility to share questions or create your own Quiz game via myQuisr. That is the reason why other Quiz games like Millionaire, Trivial Pursuit, Trivia Burst, Trivial Droid, Who becomes rich or National Flag Quiz do not have the Quisr experience. Designed like a board game, it also works well as a tablet game and gives you a nice start for every gaming night with your friends! So what are you waiting for? Start your reactor, check your reflexes and become the next Quizmaster! :)
★ Just in case: quiz qiz quiesr quizr qizr qisr quiser buz buzz buzzer quizzer quisser quisr
★ Additional Links ★
▷ Use myQuisr in your Browser! (doesn't work with IE)
▷ Become a Fan on Facebook!
★ Please email us (support@vienom.com) if you have any questions or issues - we will solve them together! :)
★第二名“最佳APP自从奖”琐事游戏2011 - bestappever.com
▷4500 +的问题(具有挑战性)
▷冻结 - 停止倒计时的时间很短
▷踢 - 从屏幕上删除了2个错误答案
▷跳过 - 转到下一个问题,而不会失去你的组合
▷在你的浏览器也使用myQuisr! (不与IE浏览器)
★游戏模式经典 - 多人★
★游戏 - 多人模式选择题★
按你的蜂鸣器,当你认为你知道答案显示的问题。通过选择正确的答案/ s的时间前得分耗尽。如果你错了,所有其他球员得分,而不是你。
什么能更好地学习不同的语言,除玩问答游戏?这是正确的 - 没有什么:)只要选择一个可用的语言在Quisr设置,并马上开始!
玩问答游戏Quisr是新的方式。它提供了一个与世界各地的高分迷人的单人模式,多人模式最多至4名玩家在一台设备和共享问题的可能性,或者创建自己的问答游戏,通过myQuisr。那其他像百万富翁,平凡的追求,突发小事,琐碎的Droid,谁变得富有或国旗测验测验游戏之所以没有的Quisr体验。设计的像一个棋盘游戏,它也可以作为平板游戏,并给你一个很好的开始,每一个游戏之夜与您的朋友!所以,你还等什么?启动你的反应器,检查你的反应和成为下一个Quizmaster! :)
★以防万一:竞猜QIZ quiesr quizr qizr qisr quiser BUZ蜂鸣器蜂鸣器嘲弄quisser quisr
▷使用myQuisr在你的浏览器! (不与IE浏览器)
http://www.facebook.com/#!/ Quisr
★请给我们发电子邮件(support@vienom.com)如果您有任何疑问或问题 - 我们将解决他们在一起! :)

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